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Bombliss 2600 (mockup)

Posted by LS_Dracon, 23 February 2010 · 573 views

Endless to do list
Hi people.Tetris was never my favorite stile of game but bombliss variation rules and I enjoyed it alot as a kid.If you never played bombliss, all pieces contain 1 bomb wich explodes if the row is filled.You need 2 or more bombs to explode the row, if the row haven't bombs, nothing happen but it count as "combo". With more lines filed the explosion is bigger. If the explosion touch another bombs, they explodes too. If you put 4 little bombs together, they turns into a big bomb.Well watch the video if you never played it :super bomblissHow this game could be done in the 2600?I think the best solution was pf interlaced lines, one line shows the blue blocks, another the bombs only.I need 2 pf data becouse the game uses 10 squares per row.The explosion fx uses GRPX over sized (quad size). The unique gap is the big bomb, they can't to be displayed, besides this, the big bomb can be coded and the effect is the same.The puzzle mode is a must have in this game.Check out the animated gif I made, this is how the bombliss could looks in the 2600, the game is plenty doable.Another project to my endless to do list :P

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You could use p0 quad size sprite and it 4x size missile to fill up a row since both of these objects right next to each over should cover the 10 blocks of PF objects. You can use p1 & m1 as a secondary explosion effect or other stuff. I think that's what I am getting from the GRPX sentence. I hope to see this game bring to life in the future.
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Yes, it might work.
And I can use P1 and M1 to display the big bombs. No sprite, but squares with other colors. :)
One friend show me a very interesting tetris project, that display coloured shapes, that is, you can paint each square in a row as desired.
But for me is more easy to work with playfield pixels as I need only two colors, blue and red.

Teorically, it's everthing ok :ponder:
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