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Pacman RCA Studio II mockup

Posted by LS_Dracon, 10 May 2010 · 1,636 views

Why not?

The system display B/W colors, but some games has coded for display colors.
There is a Studio II clone made in UK that display colors. I don't know exactly the screen resolution (64x32, pixel aspect ratio 3x4?) and how the color works.
Anyway 64x32 I can display a good maze and I have lot of space for score and others stuff on right. The dots looks better flickering, I think.
The image display both B/W and Color versions.


Edit : Added DK mockup for channel F

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Ah! This would have been a system seller! :)
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Killer app! :) I read some info about Studio II hardware yesterday.The games is not codded to display colors.What the clone systems did, was send one color for the background and another for the pixels.So instead B/W it display blue and yellow...Some games uses more than 2 colors, but was exclusive for Studio II clones that display color.And it changes the color by every byte (8 pixels) so is not possible to paint a sprite with a single color as it is fixed on screen/pixel position.Also, stuio II handle up to 8 sprite shapes, each limited to 8x7 pixels. Don't know if I can re-use these shapes or it is the entire amount for the screen.It's similar to Odissey^2 but the magnavox console handle up to 64 shapes per screen IIRC.RCA Studio II is really a fail attempt to the video game market.Here's a link with pictures of colored games :http://www.old-compu...iew.asp?r=2&a=5
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Very cool! Is this something you plan on working on? I've never played a Studio II but I've seen enough to safely assume that it's one of the worst systems ever. Pac-Man on that system would be quite the feat. :)
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I give a quick look on assembly code for this machine and looks very hard for learn.
If at least I have possibility to code the game in color and with hardware mods convert a Studio II to color graphics, but not will happen. So I will not port this game to Studio II.
In these obscure system, I have plans one day to code for Channel F, that give-me better graphics and I can draw good sprites on it. :)

Push these old machines graphics to limit is my passion :)
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Agreed since Pac-Man doesn't look so good in black & white. :) Besides those keypad controllers don't look like so much fun for game play.

I look forward to seeing your Channel F projects since that system is far more capable than the Studio II and has some fun controllers. I'm sure you've seen the Pac-Man homebrew which looks awesome on the system.
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Yes, pacman for Channel F is a great port.

I've edited the blog entry with a DK mockup for the channel F.
I haven't plans to code it soon, or even if I will code it.
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Thank Donkey Kong mockup looks cool! If you don't do it, I think someone else should. :)
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huahauhauPeople, just found it, THERE IS PAC MAN for studio 2!!!!Well, not really for studio 2 but for chip-8.Chip-8 is a virtual system that simulate COSMAC VIP computer, almost the same Studio II hardware.Anyway is possible to convert this pacman to Studio II, since uses the same limitation.
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