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Homebrew Projects

Posted by LS_Dracon, 22 January 2011 · 745 views

Here's my to do list just the sake of curiosity.

1 - Spidergame (ArachnaMania)

This is my recent project and unique that I already start to work on codes.
I want to return to code it this year but, well, real life stuff is a problem.
Not the time really, but I'm a bit tired lately. Homebrew project require a huge effort, I need to work almost every day at least 2 hours to have a good progress.
I, and assume most of us (2600 programmers) aren't here for money.
Back in the early 80's every simple game sold reasonable well, was possible to living programming games. It's not the case here, I think to make living programming homebrew games they must sold 800 or more carts.
You dispend lot of time on it, and a good game will not be finished less than a year.
Working on a game an entire year to sold 60 copies just pay the used carts for the production, shipping cost, manual assembly and things like that.
The satisfaction feeling of job done is what motivates me.
But it don't feed. That's why I job and get tired :)

2 - Racing game

My idea was create a racing game with defined tracks, fixed number of racers and a good looking road. I'm thinking how the best way to draw the roads and have 2 or 3 test to do. An world tour circuit featuring most know cities.
Also I have idea to create tunnels with 3d effects when it's comming.
Basically I whant to create a game Top Gear 2 like.
Recent game Turbo is something I have on mind, but with not blocky looking road.

3 - Tetris Bombliss

You can see more about this project in other blog entry.
My objective is not only to recriated the game, but manly the puzzle mode.
I'm not big fan of tetris but bombliss is very fun.

4 - Space Shooter

I had a good idea for a space shooter, I preffer to not talk about but is something different than just shoot on aliens that come from above.
This project is one of my priorities.

5 - RPG game

The problem of creating rpg games for the 2600 is not the limitations of the hardware, but it seems 2600 RPGs are cursed is some way.
Most of great projects are abandoned or discontinued (Homestar runner come to my mind, and others projects that I don't remember the name).
Creating a good rpg is something that require a huge effort.
I have lot of ideas for this project, most of these ideas are for the battle system wich will similar to the Final Fantasy, that is, when the battle comes, the screen changes to battle arena with new sprites for the main player and enemies.
I can't programming such game based on my assembly skills today, because even with 32kb I need to create most optimized code as possible.
The question is not if the code works, but if it works and is optimized.

Discontinued projects :

1 - Lemming

Already posted about it on my blog. It's a fun concept, I can code it, but I think my original projects worth more. It's not dead, but in very low priority.

2 - Donkey Kong

One of first thing I posted in this forum was a good looking donkey kong sprite demo.
Many people asked (and still asking) about this project, I have no interest to code it, because Nintendo sucks when somebody use
their characters. I don't have interest to beg about nintendo authorization, or create DK game and name it after Krazy Kong just to not be sued.
The real problem is lack of respect from big software against a "fan".

Also I have an unfinished pong clone that I code for fun, have no interest to
release on a cart. Maybe as easter egg in one of my projects as this pong is only 2kb.
Current prototype name is Super Pong and is posted somewhere in homebrew forum.

These are most notorious projects I have. Times from times I have new ideas but
it doesn't pass the "idea" stage.

Also I'm working on 2600 Prince of Persia as sprite designer. This project
rules and I'm happy to be part of it.

There anothers projects I'm working as graphic designer, some of them not in this community.
For example I'm retuned to work on 3ds max, nothing really interesting to show.

Dude, these projects all sound awesome! Please continue to let us know on your projects with this!
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I was thinking days ago about possibility to port Pit-Fighter for the 2600, the problems is the 1 button controller. I could use sega genesis controller for this BTW.

Ye Ar Kung Fu is another good game I have on mind to port. Using missiles to increase the arm/leg spam of the characters :D Something I'm doing in the prince of persia sprites.

I love 2d fighting games and miss good titles on the atari 2600.
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