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Two fan games that worth a look

Posted by LS_Dracon, 13 November 2011 · 866 views

There are two fan games I following the progress and they are great!

The first one is Sonic 2 HD remake.

The objective is remake the classic Sonic 2 (the best of all Sonic games, although I love Sonic 3 because the graphics) in High Definition graphics.
Everthing is done from zero, even the animation of the characters (wich are made by hand using cartoon drawing techniques).
It's absolute great, all the people involved in this project are talentous artists. The game engine is coded by themselves.

Here's the official web site of the project : http://www.s2hd.sonicretro.org/

The second game is called Card Saga Wars.

It's a fighting game with tons of video game characters from various softwares. Using "pocket" style, the sprite art and animations are oustanding.
The game is coded using MUGEN engine, I used to code it years ago, it's a good engine to make 2d fight games.
I don't understand exactly how the game works, I think there will be several main characters to play, and others to use as helpers (strikers).
Figure to select a Chrono Trigger character to fight and Piramid Head (Sillent Hill) as striker.

The people in this project are spanish speaker, don't know where they are from (Mexico?) but you have an idea how cool this project is looking to sprite gallery.

Here's the official site of Card Sagas Wars : http://cardgallery.t...om/main_csw.htm
Click on "Card" menu and select blue or red to enter in the gallery.

Here's some videos of the projects :

Sonic 2 HD trailer :

Card Sagas Wars : Link (Zelda) vs Cloud (FF7)

Card Sagas Wars : Samus (Metroid) vs Master Chief (Halo)

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