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Siddasm v2.1 (sid, sap and nsf disassembler) win32/win64 binaries

Posted by ivop, 21 July 2012 · 528 views
siddasm, siddasm2, sid, sap, nsf and 2 more...
I just cross-compiled these from within Debian Linux (wheezy) and instead of only sharing them with the person I did this for, I thought I might just as well share them with everybody. Source code (GPL) is included. The win32 binary has been tested to work with wine under Linux. I cannot test the win64 binary, but it should work as well. Note that this is a...

RMT File Format

Posted by ivop, 22 June 2012 · 646 views
rmt, raster music tracker and 2 more...
I've spent some time reverse-engineering the file format used by Raster's Music Tracker. Included in the zip-file is rmtdump.c, a utility that came to be gradually, while exploring the format. There's also rmtformat.txt that describes the format in pseudo-assembly.

SID 2 Gumby source code

Posted by ivop, 15 June 2012 · 394 views

Here's the source code of SID 2 Gumby.

It contains all the songs that were already posted in this thread: http://www.atariage....er-sid-2-gumby/ plus five more songs:


Thing On A String
One Man And His Droid

SID Emulation Revisited, Atari SID III

Posted by ivop, 09 June 2012 · 568 views

I was delighted by the positive responses I got on my previous blog entry and on the forum about my SID emulator on the Atari 8-bit. I also was a bit disappointed that it turned out there already was an emulator eight years ago that I did not know about, that sounded pretty much the same as mine (some tunes were better, some were worse IMHO). But, this...

SID Emulation, siddasm2 and shasm65

Posted by ivop, 02 June 2012 · 601 views
sid, emulation, shasm65, siddasm2
Long time, no blog.

Let's start at the beginning. In 2009 I wrote my first version of a SID Emulator, running directly on the Atari 8-bit hardware. The emulation loop ran in the main loop and synchronisation was done with STA WSYNC. I had created a raw register dump of a .sid file with a modified version of TinySid and every frame I left the main loop...

Reverse Engineering the Macro-Assembler XE File Format

Posted by ivop, 30 January 2010 · 327 views
6502, assembly and 1 more...
On the Atari 8-Bit Forum, Heaven/TQA asked for help with retrieving an ASCII version of his demo sources in Macro-Assembler XE format. Because I recently wrote a detokenizer for Mac/65, I thought it'd be fun to try this file format too. Here's the result. It successfully detokenizes all the sample .ASM files I found in his zip-file, but I'm sure...

demac65: detokenize MAC/65 files

Posted by ivop, 21 January 2010 · 353 views
6502, assembly, mac/65
While I was browsing some old source code, I frequently stumbled upon MAC/65 tokenized files. Being too lazy to repeatedly start an emulator to convert them to (AT)ASCII and being unable to find a program online to detokenize them, I set out to write such a program myself. With some luck, I found a description of the format in the form of an old Analog...

Atari Eagle parts library

Posted by ivop, 08 January 2010 · 1,317 views
electronics, eagle
I finally compiled all the different Eagle parts I had drawn over the last year into a single Eagle library and adjusted them to be more or less uniform in look. While I was at it, I also added all missing chips and connectors. Currently, it contains the following...

shasm65 - a 6502 assembler in sh

Posted by ivop, 30 October 2009 · 445 views
assembly, 6502, sh, shasm65
Here's the 6502 assembler I mentioned recently on the Atari 8-bit forum. The reasons to write this were:

1.) None of the assemblers I tried could generate correct code for code assembled to run in zero page and have forward references to other code in zero page, changing their operand in real-time.
2.) I wanted to write an assembler in sh (years ago, I...

Turn monitor off in console mode Linux on an iMac G3

Posted by ivop, 20 August 2009 · 450 views
Linux, iMac
Recently I acquired an old Bondi Blue iMac G3 with a PowerPC @266Mhz and 64MB RAM. I upgraded the RAM to 128MB and installed Debian GNU/Linux on it. Runs like a charm. I intend to use it remotely to test big-endian compilations, so I wanted the built-in monitor to be turned off. After searching the net extensively, I was unable to find a solution....