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Posted by ivop, 13 May 2009 · 2,519 views

SIO2PC electronics pcb device emulation
I have been back using my Atari 800 XL for about six months now. I bought a MyIDE cart to backup all my old floppies. Most of them were still readable. I did not really like the MyIDE cart though. Well, the cart is fine, it's mainly the patched O.S. It's a pity it doesn't support mixing SIO and IDE devices very well. So, I dug out my old SIO2PC cables. I had one MAX232 version and one using an MC1489. Both looked like crap (they were soldered very badly) so I decided to rebuild one. I "designed" a small PCB for the MAX232 version. Here it is:

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PCB: (normal and mirrored version)
Attached Image Attached Image

Component placement:
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