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Reverse Engineering the Macro-Assembler XE File Format

Posted by ivop, 30 January 2010 · 797 views

6502 assembly macro-assembler xe
On the Atari 8-Bit Forum, Heaven/TQA asked for help with retrieving an ASCII version of his demo sources in Macro-Assembler XE format. Because I recently wrote a detokenizer for Mac/65, I thought it'd be fun to try this file format too. Here's the result. It successfully detokenizes all the sample .ASM files I found in his zip-file, but I'm sure some functionality is missing (at least three assembler directives). If you stumble upon files that fail, please send them to me and I'll update the detokenizer. Or send me the Macro-Assembler XE manual, so I can add all directives at once.

Compile with: gcc -O3 -std=c99 -W -Wall -o demaxe demaxe.c
Run with: ./demaxe fubar.asm > fubar.txt

Should also work under cygwin/mingw32. If there's interest in a Windows-binary, I might setup a cross-compiler. Leave a message below :)

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