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The 17 pack Animal Crossing saga ends with part three!

Posted by MegaManFan, 10 February 2016 · 36 views
Amiibo, Nintendo, Animal Crossing and 1 more...
It all lead up to this!

The Animal Crossing trading card racket! (Pt. 2)

Posted by MegaManFan, 09 February 2016 · 58 views
Animal Crossing, Amiibo and 2 more...
The more you buy, the smaller the benefit you get toward complete a set. It's paradoxically frustrating - more is not better!

The Animal Crossing trading card racket! (Pt. 1)

Posted by MegaManFan, 08 February 2016 · 48 views
Amiibo, Animal Crossing, Nintendo and 1 more...
How close can you get to a full set of 100 cards with 17 packs of Animal Crossing trading cards? (Six cards to a pack -- 17*6 = 102.)

You may or may not be surprised by the results!

Amiibo vs. World of Nintendo Part 3! Yoshi vs. Yoshi

Posted by MegaManFan, 08 February 2016 · 43 views
Amiibo, World of Nintendo, Yoshi and 1 more...
The price really makes a difference in this battle!!

Unboxing the blue Yarn Yoshi!

Posted by MegaManFan, 07 February 2016 · 35 views
Yoshi, yarn Yoshi, Nintendo and 1 more...

Unboxing the Splatoon 3-pack

Posted by MegaManFan, 04 February 2016 · 49 views
Splatoon, Amiibo, Nintendo, Wii U

Diddy Kong vs. Diddy Kong (Amiibo vs. World of Nintendo)

Posted by MegaManFan, 31 January 2016 · 45 views
Diddy Kong, Amiibo, Nintendo and 1 more...
Let's get it on!

Unboxing Lucas (Mother 3, Earthbound, Smash)

Posted by MegaManFan, 31 January 2016 · 46 views
Lucas, Mother 3, Earthbound and 1 more...
Will Mother 3 ever be released in North America? At least we have the Amiibo in the meantime.

Ganondorf vs. Ganondorf - who reigns supreme?

Posted by MegaManFan, 30 January 2016 · 48 views
Ganondorf, World of Nintendo and 2 more...
Which one is superior? It seems obvious at first but cost IS a factor.

Unboxing Blathers! (Animal Crossing)

Posted by MegaManFan, 29 January 2016 · 47 views
Blathers, Animal Crossing, Amiibo and 1 more...
Give a hoot, don't pollute... the museum!