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Loot Crate "Play" February 2015 unboxing

Posted by MegaManFan, 27 February 2015 · 34 views
Loot Crate, unboxing
A new Loot Crate!

Mega Man Amiibo unboxed!

Posted by MegaManFan, 25 February 2015 · 41 views
Mega Man, Amiibo, Capcom and 1 more...
Mega Man Amiibo unboxed! My most important Amiibo.

MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Complete Works

Posted by MegaManFan, 23 February 2015 · 66 views
Mega Man, Mega Man X
MM25: Mega Man & Mega Man X Complete Works Bad shipping always freaks me out and in this case I was right to be upset. See where the video stops at 1:02. Then see the attached photo.

King Dedede: Comin Right At Ya!

Posted by MegaManFan, 20 February 2015 · 67 views
Kirby, King Dedede, Amiibo and 1 more...
Lucked out on this one today from Japan - came in an envelope and WASN'T smashed.

Amiibo Hunt: The long "Knight" comes to an end

Posted by MegaManFan, 20 February 2015 · 56 views
Meta Knight, Kirby, Amiibo and 1 more...
The long "Knight" is over.

Got Wii Fit Trainer and Marth!

Posted by MegaManFan, 19 February 2015 · 39 views
Amiibo, Nintendo, Wii U and 1 more...
Got Wii Fit Trainer and Marth! Wave one is complete!

Amiibo Hunt: I'm Really Feeling It!

Posted by MegaManFan, 18 February 2015 · 51 views
Shulk, Amiibo, Wii U, Smash Bros.
Yeah I'm really feeling it!!

Scored a Mega Man Amiibo!

Posted by MegaManFan, 13 February 2015 · 85 views

They gave out tickets to people in line - there were five for Mega Man and Sonic, but only TWO for King Dedede!

Mega Man energy tank drinks!

Posted by MegaManFan, 11 February 2015 · 62 views
Mega Man, Energy Tank, J-List and 1 more...
Shipped all the way from Japan (the motherland).

Got Meta Knight and Ike! (Kirby, Fire Emblem)

Posted by MegaManFan, 10 February 2015 · 58 views
Amiibo, Kirby, Fire Emblem and 1 more...
Two more down!