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cool thing I just found !

Posted by Z80GUY, 19 June 2009 · 312 views

I just found the new Batari basic Editor and it looks sweet, so I do not have to include one in mine at all, I just thought that one that made by Attendo was it.


had a great night at the auction where I live :)

Posted by Z80GUY, 19 June 2009 · 406 views

for a grand total of $ 2.00 I am the happy new owner of an Atari 2600 (vader in great shape) and a 2nd Generation Sega Genesis :)

the each system came with a few games and manuals, below are some pics.

Atari stuff first:

Posted Image...

man, work never seems to end for me :)

Posted by Z80GUY, 19 June 2009 · 306 views

Finally got some time to sit down again so i can continue my education with the ASM books and stuff, but now I find I am having to re-read all the stuff I read before :( because I keep forgetting what I read Before I just need to find some time to do it for 8 hours a day for like a 3 month period then I will remember it but unfortunately I can't just...

finished andrews tutorials... finally

Posted by Z80GUY, 19 June 2009 · 249 views

Now I think I have enough understanding of the assembly coding for the 2600 that I will try and do some math and play with the play filed registers and see what I can draw on the screen.

I figured I would start with my name just to get the feel for non mirrored play fields as they are the hardest to code.

This is what I will try to...

Stupid me, did not know

Posted by Z80GUY, 19 June 2009 · 250 views

That this Blog was not visible to others, so I made it visible to others, not that I do much in the way of really cool things but what the heck.

Just got a new (to me at least) Commodore 128 and some other stuff from a yard sale for $6.00 as well as found myself a copy of Forrest Mims Notebook from 1992 got it for .50 that to me at least was a real...