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Posted by NightSprinter, 28 January 2012 · 659 views

So, I start working again at Disney's Hollywood Studios again after almost a full year out on medical leave. I seriously have to thank my managers for busting their asses to ensure I stayed a part of the team. With my foot/ankle/leg recovered (playing Dance Dance Revolution for the first time in almost four years was great), I can actually resume hunting for game bargains. I've actually found several boxed Intellivision games for incredible prices at the Play n Trade in Oviedo, FL. Once a paycheck or two comes in, I'll see about snatching them up and making them available in the Marketplace.

On another note, I've manged to finally get a working Linux installation set up for emulation and retro-gaming purposes. I'm surprised at the sheer number of retro-styled games linux has (either free or commercial, like VVVVVV and Jamestown). With that said, could anyone suggest a compatible PCI TV Tuner card? The computer in question is a Gateway GM5472, and the AverMedia card that came with it is not compatible (hell, even selecting its inputs for audio causes capture software in Windows to lock the card up). I do have friends wanting me to do some gameplay footage (such as walkthroughs), and need a decent capture card that can at least take s-video and has a header for the front composite inputs.

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