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Putting the Curtains on Boss 2 Room In Rock Cutter

Posted by Kiwi, 12 October 2015 · 449 views

Putting the Curtains on Boss 2 Room In Rock Cutter I finally went back to Rock Cutter and put the curtain on the 2nd boss room since I forgot to put it on there after I have compressed it. It symbolize Zelda 2, since I love that game so much.
Sometimes I get anxiety when something bothers me while making games.  I know how to go fix it, but I just ignore it and do something else.  Now som...

Shoot'em up game I'm making

Posted by Kiwi, 20 February 2015 · 552 views

I added background scrolling to this game.  It does lag the game a bit.  I divided the task up for the enemy object to occur every 3 frames, so 2 enemy movement would be process per frame.  Every frame or so, it'll lag a frame since the tiles are redrawn every 8 pixel have been scrolled.  So every 48 frames, it'll have that on...

Making a new Intellivision game

Posted by Kiwi, 18 February 2015 · 419 views

I made a 9-liner shoot'em up game.  I wanted to expand on that idea.  So now you have 6 enemies to fight against at once.  I made a ship, and with 4 selectable weapon with it own quirk.  Laser shot, quick straight shot.  Slow but big shot.  Missile, slow at first, then speeds up.  And wave shot, which the shoot wave up a...

Number Blasting

Posted by Kiwi, 16 February 2015 · 397 views

I started this game couple days ago. 
I first made the TI-83 version.  It stayed with me since I never showed it to anyone.  So I decided to bring it over to the Intellivision since I'm now obsessed with IntyBasic now. 
It's a simple game where you're this obsessive laser cannon that sole purpose is to match the yellow nu...

9 lines ship shooting game for the Intellivision

Posted by Kiwi, 11 February 2015 · 493 views

I checked out this thread in the Intellivision programming forum and there was a topic about the 10 version of snake.  Catsfolly told us to stop doing your epic game and participate.  I don't know what happen if I disobey Catsfolly so I better do what he wants :P.  I needed a break from that project I started about 16 days ago. So for some...

Today I got older.

Posted by Kiwi, 07 February 2015 · 578 views

I just turned 32 years old today.  I first played the Atari 2600 I think I was 4 years old.  And that was my first passion of video games.  My older brother and sister didn't have the patient to play through video game like I have.  So now, I finally can make video games. Only for the Colecovision though.  Well, I can make Flash g...

I'm still working on more Colecovision games.

Posted by Kiwi, 27 January 2015 · 560 views

Last month I worked on Phoenix.  I want to change the name to Firebird because it's not going to be an exact arcade port.  Sorry I disappoint people.  I'm not expert at programming, but the game engine I set up for this game works pretty well.   I'm using this kind of game loop.

while (game==1)
game logic1
game logic2

Witch work in progress

Posted by Kiwi, 13 January 2014 · 530 views

I worked on this game last night.  I drew the witch and her shooting star.  I added a system that the tree can be spawn which I can do by pressing 1.
I'm going to do try to see if I can get the trees to look like trees. 
The goal in this game is to travel as far as you can.  You lose by colliding into a tree....

Going back to work on WIP projects

Posted by Kiwi, 09 January 2014 · 583 views

One of my goal this year is to release a Halloween themed game.  So I am going to port Adventure of a Witch:Flightful Night from Petit Computer to the Colecovision.  I might as well start now and it finished.  I opened up the project to see where I am at in this one.  I had the 19 tree scrolling along with the grass....

Almost Done with this Whole Project

Posted by Kiwi, 09 December 2013 · 734 views

Pong nearly done.  It has 4 different games.  I had to cut the original Wall Ball and I didn't think it would stand on it own when the Super Wallball is much better.  I rather allocate more memory making Super Wallball fun and addictive.
The original Arcade mode is like the arcade cabinet. There is a switch in the arcade that enable...

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