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Donkey Kong Land Zero for the Colecovision Mockup

Posted by Kiwi, 13 July 2013 · 2,064 views

Colecovision Mockup
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Few days ago, I daydreamed of seeing the original Donkey Kong graphic remade for the Colecovision. I wanted to mimic the 3D style of the Gameboy version of Donkey Kong Land. I couldn't resist using dither, so my pixel art rubbed off to add to the current style. Today, I didn't feel like programming and I was mentally and physical tired from work this morning, hurray for manual labor.

So whenever I see something I want to see on the Colecovision really bad, I fire up ICVGM and draw the mock-up of the scene. I absolutely love working with the TMS9928A graphic limitation with it graphic mode 2. Eventually I'll add it to the Mock-up.C source code, compile it, send it to SD and poof I can view it on the TV screen. I'll add sprites to the scene to make it complete.

I do have Donkey Kong 3 mock-up and the sprites made. I built a half a game already *doh*, but really I wanted to show the bee and the flies animation. I have no intention to finish this game since it already been claimed by someone else. I have Stanley shooting his spray gun programmed. Donkey Kong hitting the beehives animation with the blue background intact and no VRAM corruption occured, but I need to test it on the real console first. Once I get around showing the bee and fly animation, then I can release the ROM.

As for Donkey Kong Mock-up. I do want to make the sprites for that one. Should be very challenging and lots of fun.

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where there improvements since then?

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