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Music Driver

Posted by Kiwi, 26 October 2015 · 650 views

I had an idea come to me at work when I'm by myself, peace and quiet while I place cookies on a cardboard trays.  Why don't I abuse the play_sound function some more.  Each sound data can be the single instrument and tone.  Maybe put about 10-20 instrumental tone in different pitches on the sound list.  Play_sound function can retrieve the sound number from a table, and it'll play that sound.  When the next note come it'll stop the sound in progress and play that tone since it uses the same SOUNDAREA.  I'll put a joker code to skip play sound function to make the note sustain/finish it sound thingy.  In this way, the note can be high quality, and the note being played can be 1 byte each. 


I'll probably build a sequencer and it'll help me get the song I want made.  Of course it'll be only for the Colecovision format since I can only produce Colecovision and Intellivision programs.  Of course RAM might be an issue, but I have 800 bytes, also I can just move the data from RAM to VRAM if I'm pressed for space.  I'll make it print a table of numbers for me to key into Notepad+. 


The driver have to have, tempo, function play_sound, songtable, and I don't think there's a limit how being the sound_t snd_table. 
And I remember today to keep the first entry of the list to be SOUNDAREA1.  I changed it to SOUNDAREA 5 because music uses SOUNDAREA1, 2 and 3.  Of course Rock Cutter glitched out due to sound pointer wrecking havok to the program.  SOUNDAREA6 is the highest priority over SOUNDAREA1.  When SOUNDAREA 6 is played, it borrows the sound channel while SOUNDAREA1 advances.  It gives it back to SOUNDAREA1 when it done playing.


Anyway, I'll build it tomorrow after work.  I have an early morning shift.

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