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Marty refuses to leave.

Posted by Austin, in gaming, Systems 02 May 2016 · 495 views
fm towns, marty, cd lens, failure
Well, it looks like I won't be parting with the FM TOWNS Marty after all. I officially sold it (i.e., received payment for it) last Tuesday. I streamed it Thursday night afterwards and then went to record last-minute game footage Friday night before shipping it out, only to find that the discs refused to spin. I dug into the unit and could only surmise it...

'13 Castlevania Let's Play Marathon

Posted by Austin, 02 November 2013 · 1,759 views
Castlevania, lets play, akumajo and 7 more...
During the early fall season (and October in particular), I like to cover a lot of Castlevania content for my YouTube channel. This year I decided to focus on Let's Plays in particular, and as a result I stormed through 11 Castlevania titles from start to finish. Which titles were they in particular? Well: Castlevania (NES), Castlevania II: Simon's Quest...

Neo-Geo X Gold Limited Edition: Unboxing, First Impressions, and Review

Posted by Austin, in handheld games, Systems, Reviews, gameplay 24 May 2013 · 1,781 views
neo geo x, limited edition and 4 more...
Unboxing, first impressions, and an overall review of the Neo-Geo X Gold: Limited Edition package. Six months after its launch at a discounted price, is this retro homage worth checking out? http://youtu.be/XK8t0L-05vU(Link )

Let's Play Tempest 2000!

Posted by Austin, in Jaguar 18 January 2013 · 1,948 views
atari jaguar
A play session of Tempest 2000 for the Atari Jaguar. Watch me have a great run, then slam right into a brick wall at Level 64!(warning: there will   be cursing towards the end of this video) (link )

Let's Play the Adventures of Batman & Robin!

Posted by Austin, 30 September 2012 · 1,606 views

The Adventures of Batman & Robin was a fairly late release in the Sega Genesisís life cycle, and while it seemed to garner decent reviews at the time, I wasnít aware of anyone that really knew all that much about it. Even still, to this day it remains a relatively unknown (and...

Let's Play Gunlord!

Posted by Austin, in gameplay 17 September 2012 · 1,567 views

A recent thing I have been trying my hand at on YouTube is doing more traditional "Let's Play" videos. Basically, the kind where I turn on a game, and see how far I can get in it while talking at the same time. In this session I brought out my newly-received copy of Gunlord for the Sega Dreamcast, the total Turrican homage. I ended up...

Sony Vegas Tutorial

Posted by Austin, 06 August 2012 · 1,606 views
sony vegas, pro, 10, movie studio and 4 more...
Today I spent some time doing a tutorial on how to use Sony Vegas. Personally, I am using Vegas Pro 10, but what I demonstrate here should be able to be duplicated in the consumer-grade Vegas Movie Studio series as well. It's nothing terribly in-depth, and it is a bit long-winded, but if you want to know how to run...

Tetris CD-i Video Review

Posted by Austin, in Reviews, Review, YouTube, Video, CD-i, cd interactive, philips, tetris 21 December 2011 · 1,160 views

Tetris, the hit that became a household name, also received a revision on the CD-i. How does this version stack up compared to the others? Watch to find out!

A busy weekend attending my first pinball tournament.

Posted by Austin, in Arcade, Tournament, Pinball, Uncategorized 04 December 2011 · 1,264 views

This weekend I was able to attend my first pinball tournament. Being I have not been playing very long (about six months now), it was a new and interesting experience for me.

The event, dubbed the "Fairfax Fall Classic Open", was held over the course of two days (Friday/Saturday, 12/2 and 12/3) at John's...

CD-i Mouse Video Overview

Posted by Austin, in Uncategorized, Overviews, Reviews, Review, YouTube, Video, gameplay 18 September 2011 · 1,352 views
cd-i, mouse, peripheral and 8 more...
For the typical home videogame platform, mouse accessories had the tendency to garner little support. Interestingly, such was not the case with the Philips CD-i platform--the accessory can be used with any title available on the platform. The question is, how well does it work?

Viewpoint: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Posted by Austin, in neo-geo, gameplay, Review, Reviews, gaming, arcades, Uncategorized 04 August 2011 · 1,541 views
arcade, neo geo, sega genesis and 4 more...
Here I talk about and take a look at how the Sega Genesis and PlayStation ports of Viewpoint stack up to the original Neo-Geo arcade game. That is, in the most basic sense--visuals, sound, controls, etc.

See the finalized version here at Blip.TV: http://blip.tv/gamep...parison-5442854

Below, the 99% complete version....

Super Adventure Island Review

Posted by Austin, in YouTube, Reviews, Review, Overviews, gaming, adventure island 06 June 2011 · 1,587 views

Just finished putting this review together for Super Adventure Island on the SNES. It took quite a while to do and I really need to start getting organized before I jump into doing these reviews, haha.. Still, I'd appreciate any and all feedback if you happen to watch it!

**Edit 6/9: I got a nice surprise email notification yesterday from the folks...

Nokia N-Gage, the little handheld that never was.

Posted by Austin, 02 June 2011 · 1,853 views
Because of a thread that was posted about the N-Gage earlier today, it made me look for a writeup I did in January 2010.. I was pretty sure I posted it in my blog here, but it's nowhere to be found (the farthest my AA blog goes is February 2010). I can't find it anywhere in the forum either, although I know for certain I originally wrote it for...

What is TATE?

Posted by Austin, 31 May 2011 · 1,935 views

In my video below, I explain TATE and the various ways it can be achieved outside of the arcade and in the home. I also briefly cover a few other platforms that manage a TATE effect as well:

If you happen to sit through it (it's about five minutes long), I would love your feedback on it.....

Nintendo Virtual Boy System Overview

Posted by Austin, 15 May 2011 · 993 views

Want a look at the Nintendo Virtual Boy system? Want my general opinion on it? Don't answer that, because of course you do! Look no further than my system overview of the infamous VB.. Click the YouTube link below to watch! :)

As I move into more "scripted" overviews and reviews, any and all...

High-Energy tunage..

Posted by Austin, 12 April 2011 · 847 views

If anyone needs some high-energy tunage to go along with their gaming, I've just uploaded a new dj mix. Yeah, yeah, shameless self-promotion. What are you gonna do.. :P


Skyhammer Atari Jaguar Review

Posted by Austin, in Reviews, Review, YouTube, Video, gameplay, Uncategorized, gaming, Jaguar, Overviews 16 March 2011 · 1,243 views

A week or so ago I uploaded a review of Skyhammer for the Atari Jaguar over at my YouTube account. It's only fitting to post a blog about it here!

(In all honesty, since the forum was upgraded today, I mainly did this to test the blog function, not for shameless...

No More Ghosts.

Posted by Austin, 31 January 2011 · 832 views

Trying to stay away from games.. (trying is the key word here)

Posted by Austin, 23 January 2011 · 890 views

The last couple of months I have been organizing a "night" at a local bar, trying to promote local djs as well as let myself be heard. It's the first time I've tried organizing something at a real location outside of a house party. Fortunately the help of management has eased the process and taken a lot of the work off my shoulders, but...

Castlevania videos from October!

Posted by Austin, in Uncategorized, gaming, Overviews, vlog 01 November 2010 · 947 views
castlevania, dracula x and 8 more...
On my YouTube channel I try to take it easy and put out maybe one or two videos a week. During October though, I made it a point to try and get out as many Castlevania videos as I could. I wasn't able to do as many as I would have liked, but I still managed to finish quite a few. Here is a list (with links) for anyone that is curious about any of these...