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IMPLANTgames Podcast EP24 - Awesome Elevator-Styled Music!

Posted by Austin, 08 April 2012 · 1,255 views

Just finished recording Episode 24 of the IMPLANTgames Podcast, and it is ready to be streamed or downloaded in MP3 form! To do so, visit the following link: http://implantgames.com/?p=1737

In this episode, Kris (kgenthe here on AtariAge) and I talk about:
  • Will today’s modern games be collectible in the future?
  • Are there any games we have bought at launch, that are collectible now?
  • Kris’s Turbo Grafx-16 pickup!
  • Is Target open on Easter Sunday? ;)
  • Tokyo Extreme Racer series (Sega Dreamcast)
  • Nosferatu (SNES)
  • Unreal Tournament and Quake III Arena (Dreamcast)
  • Austin’s Quake PC longplay recording experience, and more Quake talk
  • Quake II (PC)
  • Earth Defense Force (XBOX 360)
  • The Pinball Arcade (XBOX 360/PS3)
  • Kyle Petty’s No Fear Racing (SNES)
  • Quackshot (Sega Genesis)
  • Mickey Mania (Sega CD)
  • Mainstream first-person-shooter (FPS) popularity after Halo (XBOX)
  • Clockwork Knight 1 & 2 (Sega Saturn)
  • Child of Eden (XBOX 360)
  • Selling videogames on forums: Good? Bad?
  • Oh, and awesome elevator-styled music. No, seriously. It's a huge part of this episode. Really. :ponder: