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Perfect Dark XBLA

Posted by Devbinks, 12 February 2010 · 622 views
360, xbox, N64, Dark, Perfect and 1 more...
So Perfect Dark is finally being re-released in March. The game will have all the features of the original N64 release plus updated, HD graphics; online capabilities; GoldenEye weapons available in multi-player; possible DLC in the future; and it now runs at a nice 60fps. I can live with this. Especially with a price of...

Atari Jaguar

Posted by Devbinks, 02 February 2010 · 297 views

Just bought an Atari Jaguar on eBay that comes two controllers and six games: Alien vs Predator, Cybermorph, Missile Command 3D, Raiden, Ruiner Pinball, and Wolfenstein 3D. For $60, it seems like a pretty good deal.

I've been wanting this system ever since I borrowed one from one of my friends back in 1996. I had borrowed the system and his only...


Posted by Devbinks, 13 January 2010 · 393 views

Went to Joe's Video Game's today (big surprise there, eh?) and picked up a couple NES games.

First one that caught my eye was a game called The Guardian Legend. This is a game that's name I've heard mentioned many time over the years but I never really put forth much effort into finding out what all the fuss was about. So, I figured,...

I love you, Joe

Posted by Devbinks, 12 January 2010 · 525 views
arcade, retro, classic
Just recently, I found a store called Joe's Video Games, just a few minutes away from me that specializes in Arcade Machines and vintage gaming consoles. They have a site HERE

-Pay no attention to their pricing though. Their pricing is heavily dependent on a few things, especially the condition of...

Oh Hell...

Posted by Devbinks, 11 January 2010 · 396 views
snes, nes, play n trade and 1 more...
Okay, so I used to own, both, an NES and an SNES. Over the past few years, I've had a desire to start collecting as many older game systems as I can. So, today I went to a local Play N Trade and reacquired the NES and SNES.

Well, the NES works okay so far. Just needed a bit of cleaning.

The SNES, however, only gave me a black screen with several...

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