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Firmware Vx.40

Posted by Lynxman, 11 January 2016 · 905 views

Lynxman FlashCard Lynx update Firmware

Hello all,
after almost 3 years a new Firmware is ready for download.
And yes, you remember correct, i started the entry 3 years ago with similar wording. :-D
What is new?
- the content is shown in the menu
- auto-size mode for *.lnx-files
- modify up to 128Bytes at once for 93Cx6 chip
- code optimation (e.g. Flash erase routine)
- Support of 93C66 and 93C86* for all functions with USB (93C66 and 93C86* was requested from some developers - *93C86 only for Board 6)
- only Board 1 with PCB 1.3d4:
          - bank mode available - 2 independet banks with 512KB (possible to switch back to fast-erase mode as before)
          - It is possible to switch between the banks if the FlashCard is inserted into the Lynx. As long as the LED is flashing, it is possible to press Anykey to change to the other bank.
          - To use the changed bank, the Lynx must be switched off and on again.
- only Board 1 with PCB 1.3a4 limited edition:
          - optimation of demo cancle - the FlashCard do no longer start up the demo again if the demo is cancled to early (only 25th anni!)
          - If the FlashCard is inserted into the Lynx, it is possible to activate and deactivate the demo as long as the status LED is flashing by using the Ankey
          - To use the changed demo setting, the Lynx must be switched off and on again.
- Easteregg
Please use "Firmware V140N 20160107 Language V140x.fcb1" for Board 1 FlashCard.
(PCB V1.271/1.276/1.280/1.3a4/1.3d4)
Please use "Firmware V640N 20160107 Language V640s.fcb6" for Board 6 FlashCard.
(PCB V1.913/1.923)
Please note: at first use after Firmware update the FlashCard will ask to press the Anykey to initialize some parameters.
The FlashCard only accept a Firmware file which work with the FlashCard! If the FlashCard do not accept you tried the wrong Firmware file!
For details about the update please read the manual!
The manual is available in English (en) and German (dt).
Kind Regards

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Thanks for still supporting your flashcard after all the years! Like last time I had troubles to find out how to do the firmware update, but then I remembered that is described in more detail in the English manual. ;-)

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