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BlockedIn: My first (free) retro inspired iPhone game!

Posted by roberto, 18 March 2012 · 713 views

BlockedIn: My first (free) retro inspired iPhone game! Hey!

I realized I didn't post anything on my blog over here for quite some time. Time to catch up then! ;)

Indeed I was quite busy with work and also with a small side project: "BlockedIn" my first iPhone game.

As you can easily guess, gameplay is clearly inspired by classics like BreakOut and Arkanoid, with a bit of Ram It thrown...

Breaking News!

Posted by roberto, 23 December 2010 · 408 views

Just before the holidays, I got a few minutes to post some very exciting news: my new book “The Golden Age of Video Games: the Birth of a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry” is going to be published, like my previous work...

My 2010 Best Games Award!

Posted by roberto, 16 December 2010 · 313 views

Time flies and here we go again with another round of my favorite games from this year.

Best Artwork: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (Ubisoft)

Best Sound Design: Gran Turismo 5 (Sony)

Best Indie Game: Minecraft (Notch)
Special Mention: Halo 2600 (Ed Fries)

Most Innovative/Fun Game Experience: Kinect Sports...

Warm reception for my little experiment!

Posted by roberto, 30 August 2010 · 446 views

The last months have been pretty busy with many things running on: not long ago I posted a new experimental music game prototype, Orfeo, in my game page (ProgramAndPlay.com) and submitted it to the ”Sense of Wonder Night” within the Tokyo Game Show which will take place on September 17...

How do game tastes change with age?

Posted by roberto, 17 May 2010 · 400 views

I just read on Gamasutra an interesting article Study: Does Industry Lose Money By Ignoring Aging Gamer Needs? which inquires about the needs of older and disabled gamers.

I think the analysis of AbleGamers' president, Mr....

survey for game designers

Posted by roberto, 10 May 2010 · 332 views

I just found out a very interesting survey about games, inspiration and innovation from the Finnish website gamesandinnovation.com: survey on games and innovation

There are still a few days to take part and the organizers arranged also for a lucky draw where you can win a game design book of your...

Best handheld for retrogaming?

Posted by roberto, 04 May 2010 · 349 views

During my last trip to Korea for the Korea Games Conference last year, I was quite intrigued by a tiny handheld console named "Wiz" and manufactured by the Korean company GPHoldings. I heard of these guys already, of course, thanks to their previous models, but the Wiz came out as a novelty and a much better item compared to their earlier...

definitions of "videogame"?

Posted by roberto, 26 April 2010 · 291 views

A few days ago on this very same board, I was having an interesting discussion with a well respected member of the forum that made me finally understand why there are still many heated debates on which is the “first video game ever”. Simply put, people can’t even agree on how "videogames" should be defined so, of course, there can’t be any...

"On the way to Fun": my first book is out!

Posted by roberto, 19 April 2010 · 403 views

I recently wrote a small book titled “On the way to Fun: an Emotion based approach to successful Game Design” where I summarize my latest research in game design. It has just been published by AKPeters (book description on my website) and it can be found on Amazon and other online retailers. This...

About Project Natal: the future or a gimmick?

Posted by roberto, 16 April 2010 · 296 views

Just a few weeks ago Microsoft has announced they will premiere their new motion sensing technology at the upcoming E3 in June and a lot of buzz has obviously started among both developers and fan/hate boys…

Will it be the revolution in gaming it promises or will it just turn out to be another gimmick that almost no one will really care about?

IMHO, a lot...

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