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Merlin's Walls - Atari 2600

Posted by Marc Oberhäuser, 10 April 2018 · 337 views

The Ebivision game boxes are known to be totally flimsy (with the exception Power Off, available in the AA store) and not available anymore. Dan suggested that it would be a good idea to update the box quality. I tried to get in touch with Ebivision to get the official blessing but couldn't get a contact address. Since the boxes aren't available anymore I set down and gave it a go, clearly stating "Reproduction Box" on the front, it shouldn't harm anyone.
If you want to try out Merlin's Walls be prepared to turn your display on the side. :) The game is available in the AtariAge webstore.

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That box sure looks better than the game deserves. Much better! :)

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