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The Arcade Experience on Turbo-Grafx 16?

Posted by satan165, 09 August 2010 · 1,065 views

This weekend did some serious gaming. A friend came over and laid to tape the current world record for Bonk's Revenge in both the points and fastest completion variations.

The records were uncontested - he provided the initial recorded performance. I was blown back to see that of the 6 "Bonk's" related records on the TG-16, only one (Bonk's Adventure, points) has tallied scores. That game is in his sights now...he achieved 13 extra lives at one point in this weekend's performance. I have no talent at platformer games, so it truly was a treasure to watch in my own living room as the VCR rolled.

When that was done we looked through all of our combined TG-16 games; he doesn't have a console but has a Turbo Express. Such a beauty - its a shame that the TV tuner add-on has been rendered useless by recent radiological events.

Anyways, we have plenty of duplicates between our two collections but as I dug through I came across one that struck me as interesting -- Aero Blasters.

Posted Image

This game is espically well suited to my (not one but...) two Turbo Stick arcade style joysticks.

Posted Image

The damn shame is the other accessory pictured above - the Turbo Tap.

I got this dead on arrival years ago on ebay as part of some kind of bundle. I took it up with the seller at the time and he either ended up giving me some money back or a full refund, I don't remember. Anyways, the interesting this is that while the regular points variation for this game is currently unmarked, there is actually a two player variation as well!

So I'm looking into getting another Turbo Tap - and some more arcade-friendly TG-16 games. Got any recommendations? I have about 12 games, my friend more then that. Between us this was the best candidate for some dual-player fun. The interesting this is that both the single and two player variations make specific note regarding no continues being allowed. This game is quite difficult, I doubt even the best player on this obscure title could do well on only 3 lives. My friend set the virgin record at around 7 million (the game is quite generous, his credit lasted about 7 minutes) and I followed at around 3.5mil. I'm going to make a few more attempts, he left the hu-card here so I can continue to try and follow up on his benchmark. But as difficult the game is, its fun to play a mindless shoot fest with the Turbo Stick once in a while. My latest extended performances, both golf games (Power Golf and Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf), were better suited to the standard Turbo Pad and I wondered as I saw the Orange headed 'sticks' in my heap of controllers if I would ever find a use for one, much less two.

Couldn't have been any luckier.

If you really want to make use of the Turbotap with friends (and you have 5 that will play with you, and you have 5 turbopads) then you MUST pick up Battle Royale. It may seem like a simple-ish game. But with multiple people, it is a blast. Even playing 2 player with my brother, and having 3 computer players it was fun. We would play over and over and over...fun stuff.
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that is exactly why i asked the AA community for ideas, that sounds excellent and i am going to investigate right away! thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment!
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