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Just Cruisin' Along...

Posted by CyranoJ, 02 August 2013 · 786 views

I haven't updated this in a while... not because we haven't been busy, and not because there's nothing to report, but because, well, I've just not felt like it lately.

Many, many non-Jaguar (or even hobby) related things are happening at this time, both with myself and with the other guys in Reboot, so much so that 'Reboot' is taking a back seat to reality (as it should) and things have slowed down.

But, there is a heartbeat, if you listen closely enough.

We have in the wings....

2 x 100% completed titles - these are mini games, and we're undecided what to do with them at this time. I suspect they'll end up as RAPTOR examples, although that is still to be fully discussed.

1 x 80% complete title (code) with no graphics - this one is a lot of fun to play, and I'm sure we'll get it out there for everyone once it's been 'skinned'

We're also working towards another game, which has it's engine almost complete and some test level data in there, which is shaping up quite nicely. This will be announced in due course, and hopefully be our first cart release.

Rebooteroids is on extended leave. I don't have my Jaguar set up for development, which is needed at this stage as I cannot progress further with this one via emulation. On top of that, both myself and sh3 simply do not have the time to work on this at present, although we are both very, very keen to complete this one - there's about a solid months work to get to the finish line on this one.

RAPTOR - I'm picking at the library here and there in my free time when I get the urge, it's coming along. We've also accepted a few new people to the beta team, so you might hear something from them as well.

The ST ports. I'm completely undecided on these, should they even be released? Although Bubble Bobble Jaguar is a lot of fun.

On top of all the above, there are also several projects in various states of completeness. Who knows where they'll lead to?

While I'm here, I'd like to thank everyone who supported us by purchasing 'Full Circle: Rocketeer' - I've been wanting to remake that for 20 years, and I'm very happy with what came from the project. Many thanks also to Heavy Stylus for handling all the boring 'retail' side of things.

Anyway, I think that's enough rambling for now....


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