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...and so it began

Posted by CyranoJ, 20 April 2011 · 475 views

So, flashback, if you will, to a time last around the middle of last year. We'd just released Superfly DX and were feeling pretty good about things, but also wondering what to do next.

We threw several ideas around, including maybe going back to Project One. Now, this might sound like a good idea, but to be honest there were several huge barriers preventing this from happening - barriers that to a certain extent still exist today.

One of the issues is with the bullets. They never did quite what we wanted them to do. This is because the bullet engine is basically flawed. It's designed with the bullet co-ordinates as integers, and their trajectories and velocities also as integers. What this means is that the bullets can only realy move at certain angles and certain speeds. You need sub-pixel accuracy to fix this.

I set about writing a new bullet engine, one that could handle 360 degree movement, any velocity, twists and turns - all the things we love in insane shooters. It worked, and it worked really well. I showed it to the rest of the guys and at that point the realisation that we were never, ever going to work on Project One again finally hit home. There were just too many bad memories of that project. None of us wanted to return to it.

So... I had this bullet engine sitting around doing nothing, and over the course of the next few weeks I started playing with the idea of maybe doing an Asteroids clone. The basic version of this was up and running quite quickly.

Note: We might even include this fully playable version on the cart somewhere as a bonus

At this point, real life and another side project interjected. Both took up considerable ammount of time. The side project evolved into a full game engine, which hopefully you might see in the near future.

Anyway, the months went by and I returned back to Rebooteroids. We toyed with the idea of just shoving the small version out as a mini and calling it done, but SH3 convinced me that it deserved to grow to a full game.

Over the next two months, the small playable demo game evolved into the previewed demo shown in the video and at AC11.

I'll breakdown some of its features in the next post :)

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