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Best Electronics Atari 7800 Unboxing

Posted by Algus, in 7800 06 May 2013 · 1,853 views

Best Electronics Atari 7800 Unboxing So I decided to purchase a modded Atari 7800 from Best Electronics and I thought I'd do an unboxing of the package.  I'd never dealt with Best before (though I'd heard good things from other members here at Atari Age) so I was unsure of what I was getting myself into.   Part of the reason I want to do this unboxing is to show exactly what I re...

My New Chromebook (March 2013), Unboxing

Posted by Algus, in chromebook 25 March 2013 · 1,058 views
chromebook, google, samsung and 5 more...
My New Chromebook (March 2013), Unboxing I recently decided to buy a laptop to compliment my Nexus 7.  These days I do most of my computing from my tablet since it pretty much has all the functionality of a regular computer.  I do have a bluetooth keyboard for my tablet but sometimes typing gets old on it and I missed having a larger screen for browsing the web.  I also missed non-mobile webpage...

Nintendo Entertainment System

Posted by Algus, 23 September 2011 · 632 views

My NES has long been the cornerstone of my collection. Like most current NES players, I went through a period of dormancy. Though in my case it was due to my NES being inoperable as opposed to my simply not having one. I did fix it several years ago with a new 72 pin connector though and it has been happily running for me ever since.

Over the past...

Cleaning a NES cartridge

Posted by Algus, 30 May 2011 · 506 views

One of the things I've noticed over the past several months of buying NES games is that a lot of them are so dirty as to be completely non-functional. I don't know if it is true or not but I just imagine people hawking off their "broken" NES games and feeling real clever that they just got rid of junk.

I ordered a pretty sizable lot...

Nintendo 64

Posted by Algus, 28 May 2011 · 507 views

I took apart and cleaned one of my old Nintendo 64 controllers (my first one to be exact) today and then hooked the N64 back up. I had to use the A/V slot on my system selector that I was reserving for plug-and-play units like my Pac-Man Arcade Stick but ahh heck, its the N64. I dunno why I ever had this great system unhooked.

I've been playing a...

Streets of Rage 3

Posted by Algus, 24 May 2011 · 438 views

I received Streets of Rage 3 last night and, disconcertingly, it initially didn't work with my Genesis setup. After power on and the Bios screen, the game would hang on black for a few moments before the screen turned bright red and hung. I gave the cartridge a thorough cleaning and disassembled my setup, wiped for dust and put it back together. ...

Subscribing to Atari Age, Streets of Rage 3, and Everything

Posted by Algus, 22 May 2011 · 384 views

Kicking this whole blog thing off because it is a quiet night and I fighting writing to be soothing. Anywho, I doubt I will update this on anything approaching a regular basis but I thought it might be fun to set up in case I want to use it now and then.

So I bit the bullet earlier and finally put in a paid subscription to Atari Age. Even though I'm...