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TurboForth V1.2 - Still on the boil!

Posted by Willsy, in TurboForth V1.x 25 August 2012 · 817 views
turboforth, ti-99/4a
Well, in case anyone was wondering, TurboForth V1.2 is still not ready for release. However, it's not due to apathy - the project is very very much alive.

The number of improvements in this release are almost too much to remember! I'll try and remember some of them:
Case sensitivity is now user selectable
The word [font=courier...

Case Sensitivity

Posted by Willsy, in TurboForth V1.x 30 April 2012 · 509 views

A few days ago I added case insensitivity to TurboForth. When you are working on a real TI, you tend to engage the Alpha Lock key and leave the keyboard in upper case mode. However, if using via emulation then you normally have your caps lock switched off (in lower case). It always annoyed me that the system couldn't recognise load but could...

TurboForth V1.2 - nearly ready

Posted by Willsy, in TurboForth V1.x 29 April 2012 · 516 views

Well, I think TurboForth version 1.2 is pretty much ready for release. Just gonna let it run for a while to see if any bugs shame themselves out.

Bug fixes and other improvements. I think all the *known* bugs are shaken out of it. Also some improvements to the interrupt mechanism (simplification, making it slightly faster) a fixed LEAVE (previous versions...

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