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Another Graphic Novel released

Posted by frankodragon, 11 March 2015 · 96 views
graphic novel, pirates, dragons
I know everyone is more interested in the 7800 game I've been working on but I just wanted to share some news about my newest graphic novel, 'Pirate Invasion of Castle Rack.'  Copies are available here .   There will also be a Kindle version. 
It's about dragon pirates invading Castle Rack and it's up to Erica, Allan and the r...

Draker Quest - Alpha Demo

Posted by frankodragon, 29 January 2015 · 149 views
Since the last update, DQ has been a 48k, then a 128k, now a 256k game.  I didn't release a 128k version since I wanted more maps.  I've added
several maps such as another overworld map, caves and additional dungeons. 
I've also started maps for a sky tower and so far two floors have been added.  A title screen and "game over" h...

Conquering Bankswitching in 7800Basic

Posted by frankodragon, 17 December 2014 · 641 views
7800 Basic
If you read my last blog, you know how much I had trouble dealing with bankswitching in 7800 Basic.  I couldn't grasp the concept;  it takes me a while to figure out something.  Before I go any further, let me tell you a story.   Way back in grade school, I was a slow learner.  In fact, when I first started school, the teache...

Draker Quest--A Double Edged Sword?

Posted by frankodragon, 29 October 2014 · 644 views

For games like Legend of Zelda or Midnight Mutants, its rom size is 128k.  I've been using the standard 48k in 7800basic.  But it's getting used up fast and I've been trying to avoid bankswitching because I've been having problems with compiling errors.  I don't know if it's something in my coding, if I'm leaving something out, or I'm just...

Another Update for Draker Quest

Posted by frankodragon, 24 October 2014 · 513 views
Atari 7800
Coding with the use of banks have been a bitch.  I've been getting errors ever since I had to change from 48k to a size higher like 128 or 256k.  It's possibly my coding, but as I added more graphics, that's when I had to choose a higher rom size and then all the errors started happening.  But there's one thing that saved my butt: a backup...

Use a better text editor when programming.

Posted by frankodragon, 05 October 2014 · 651 views

Nothing is more frustrating when you're making a game and you have to "find" the error when the compiler gives an "error" message.  I used notepad to write code and now I wish I knew about other text editors which have number lines as references.  So I downloaded an application called Notepad ++ which is free and has reference line numbers....

WIP Draker Quest (a working title)

Posted by frankodragon, 25 September 2014 · 697 views

Instead of posting on the 7800 forums, I've decided to blog about the next project I'm working on: Draker Quest.  The original concept is the Zelda example by Atarius Maximus .  Although I've been trying to reach him through PM's I cannot.  If you're out there, AM, I just wanted to ask, with your permission, is it okay to use your Zelda pro...

Shatneroids on Atari 7800 Emulator for Xbox original

Posted by frankodragon, 23 September 2014 · 563 views

My camera isn't great but it shows Shatneroids works pretty well on an emulator for the original Xbox.

My Experience Making an Original Xbox Eeprom Reader

Posted by frankodragon, 26 August 2014 · 1,034 views

There are many tutorials describing on how to make an eeprom reader for the original Xbox console and then there are readers you can buy.  So thinking after all the projects I've fried over the years, maybe it was better to buy one.  Problem is I could get one overseas and pay $20+ for one and maybe use it a few times.   So I went ahea...

Let's Play Madlibs!

Posted by frankodragon, 23 June 2014 · 669 views

I was playing ________________________ when my ________________ sister came along and wanted to watch
                        (name of game system)               ...