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The Metroid series - Where did the love go?

Posted by Enig, 23 April 2012 · 453 views

So... Kirby's turning 20.

Nintendo's got this wonderful collection disc and all sorts of new games lined up, all to celebrate this one event.

Yet, last year, a certain series of theirs, a series that was there when they first started to assume dominance, that helped build them up to where they are now, turned 25, and yet their was nothing for...

Tool-Assisted Speedruns, and why they're stupid.

Posted by Enig, 15 April 2012 · 2,985 views

Speedruns- a virtual race to see who can beat a game the fastest, glitches or no.

Tool-assisted speedruns- a virtual race to see who can beat a game the fastest by just letting a bot do the work and then gloating about it.

For years, these videos have gone on- people make a video where they pretty much walk away from the computer while a program...

Why EA really has no hope left, part #32768-BC5

Posted by Enig, in 2012 Gaming Politics 06 April 2012 · 738 views

Why EA really has no hope left, part #32768-BC5 The sure fire way to open a blog, huh? :)

As pretty much everyone and their Sierra Mist bottle can tell you, EA managed to beat Bank of America, a horrible bank that generally can be blamed not only for foreclosure but also for all the mosquitoes from the stagnant foreclosed pool water, in a mass public voting poll for the worst possible company of the...