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Games of Atari - Intellivision Captures Complete!

Posted by FujiSkunk, 17 September 2015 · 824 views

Well that didn't take long.  All "games of Atari" I own for the Intellivision have now been captured and added to the website.  This includes several Mattel's classics with their original names like Astrosmash, Space Battle and Frog Bog, and also several recent homebrews like Ms. Pac-Man, Copter Command and Boulder Dash.  I also threw in a couple of Mattel's clones: Space Armada, Space Invaders in not-so-clever disguise, and Snafu, one of many variations on Surround.  Of course the Intellivision efforts of third parties like Activision, Parker Bros. and Imagic are also represented.
So far two games have managed to appear on all seven consoles and computers I've captured so far: Pac-Man and Donkey KongGalaxian almost made it, but didn't survive the latest round.  Ms. Pac-Man should have made it, but I don't yet have the Commodore VIC-20 cartridge.  Both Pac-Man and Donkey Kong will appear on the next console as well, the Atari 5200.  I'll start those captures either this weekend or next week.  Meantime, I'm still skipping out on the writing, but I haven't forgotten that part.  One of these days!

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