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Games of Atari - Atari 5200 Captures (Mostly) Complete! ColecoVision Next?

Posted by FujiSkunk, 16 May 2016 · 708 views

All of the games I physically own for the Atari 5200 now have captures on Games of Atari, including all third-party cartridges.  I'm especially happy at how the entries for Q*Bert, Frogger and Popeye are turning out.  They're really starting to look like those old Parker Brothers ads that first got me interested in how games look on different systems, all those years ago!
There are more recent 5200 efforts I've documented as well, including hacks like Pac-Man Plus, homebrews like Beef Drop and some XE/XL conversions like Donkey Kong.  I still have one or two more of those to go before I wrap things up, and then the ColecoVision is next in line.  But before that can happen...
I'm in the market for some ColecoVision servicing.  My daily driver is in dire need of a cleaning, and I would like to get it modded for S-video output as well (not just composite) .  Anyone have any recommendations on who to ask?