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Youtube 250 Subscriber Contest.

Posted by cncfreak, 23 May 2014 · 364 views

Thought i'd mention on here I hit 250 subscribers this week and i'm giving
some items away in a contest.  Head over to my channel and watch the video
if your'e interested.

Fifth Game Complete - Cratermaze for the TG16 (2014)

Posted by cncfreak, 19 April 2014 · 510 views

http://i.imgur.com/chYGg1x.png  http://i.imgur.com/TFazCQ7.png
This is Cratermaze for the TG16.  It's kind of a Bombermanish puzzle game. I can't believe I finished it.  At level 15 I was pretty tired of it but kept going.
At level 30 after defeating the first mini-boss I was about to quit but kept going.  Finally at level 60, I bea...

Fourth Game Complete - Titan Attacks (2014)

Posted by cncfreak, 04 April 2014 · 473 views

http://i.imgur.com/I0N1oZK.png    http://i.imgur.com/ewbAOdp.png
Now here's a game it took a little while to beat.  This is Titan Attacks.  A great retro looking shooter.  
This is Space Invaders with power ups and boss fights.   I really suck at it but finally managed to get
to the last world but could n...

Third Game Complete (2014) Torchlight 2

Posted by cncfreak, 15 March 2014 · 522 views

http://i.imgur.com/8ZTQvkY.png http://i.imgur.com/qPUjtB9.png
This completion was a long time coming.  I started Torchlight 2 back in 2013 with my wife. 
She didn't like it alot but kept playing to entertain me lol.  Finally this week she said
"Just complete it, don't wait for me so I decided to give it a go.  I was at the...

Second Game Complete (2014) Final Fantasy ATB

Posted by cncfreak, 27 February 2014 · 435 views

http://i.imgur.com/Wim06ur.png http://i.imgur.com/eQmJKNg.png
The second game I beat for 2014 is Final Fantasy: All the Bravest.
It was definitely a swipe-fest but I don't have the hate most people do for it.
Even though it has the Final Fantasy name, it really isn't that great an entry for the series.
You play through a series of battles traveling...

Youtube - 100 Subscriber Giveaway

Posted by cncfreak, 25 February 2014 · 392 views

Thought I would mention on here that in two months I've been able to get 100 subscribers.
In celebration I am giving two PS2 RPG's away to one lucky winner.  All you need to do is
be a subscriber to my channel and post in the comments to the below video on what game
have you logged the most play time (On Youtube not the Blog Comments).  Gi...

Posted My First Pickups Video On Youtube

Posted by cncfreak, 12 January 2014 · 394 views

I thought I would never do it but I've gone and done it.  I've posted my first pickups video.  Last week I ordered a Blue Snowball Mic from Amazon and it came in on Friday.  Mustering my nerve I went and created a video where I actually show myself and talk.  I was nervous as hell at first but once I got a few minutes in,  it got...

New Year... New Plan

Posted by cncfreak, 03 January 2014 · 378 views

Welp last year I was only able to beat 7 games.  Pretty piss poor I must say, but we'll see how 2014 treats me. 
Also last week I started my very own You Tube channel.  One of my goals is to try and get 50 subscribers. 
We'll see how it goes.
Link to Channel

Apple IIgs Scart Cable

Posted by cncfreak, 22 October 2013 · 927 views

A few months ago I picked up three Sony PVM monitors 2 20" and 1 14".  One of 20" monitors has a few issues but the other looks great.  The 14" also is great but lacks RGB.  I recently purchased an Apple IIgs SCART cable from Roger on Vintageware and got it yesterday.  I must say I am very impressed and the Apple II games have never lo...

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