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A new start.

Posted by Lauren Tyler, 02 September 2017 · 249 views

After who-knows-how-long of never touching this blog, I've decided to start it over from scratch.
I haven't got anything to report really, but I'll be updating from time to time.

Wisdom teeth are out, and other stuff...

Posted by , 09 February 2006 · 398 views

Well, on February 2nd, 2006, I finally got my wisdom teeth out. Three of them, to be precise. The upper-left one had a big cavity in it and needed to be removed, and the upper-right and lower-left ones were impacted and partially erupted, so they needed to come out too. The lower-right one, though, wasn't erupted at all. It was still in the jaw, and...

Wisdom teeth don't teach much!

Posted by , 19 June 2005 · 325 views

Well, it's been awhile since I set up my blog, so I thought I'd use it.As you might have guessed from the title, I'm having trouble with my wisdom teeth. Yes, they're all impacted, and yes, they have to be removed. The upper-left one, though, has a cavity in it, and that makes the situation more critical.Yesterday, I had a really bad...

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