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Mod to MEDIT for APX Pascal to make it work

Posted by hloberg, in programming, Atari 800 21 January 2019 · 65 views

atari 800 apx medit editor atari editor pascal

I have been testing the waters of Atari APX Pascal recent and have been having an issue with MEDIT blowing up when run from the Pascal menu. I twittered the great Bill Lange who gave me the fix.
(1) As you probably know, you have to copy the MEDIT executable over to your work disk image in disk drive D2. In addition, MEDIT needs a minor modification for it to work with the Atari Pascal Language System.
(2) With DOS loaded, put the work disk into D1. Use the DOS menu option N to create a MEM.SAV file on the work disk.
(3) Using the DOS menu option L, BINARY LOAD MEDIT using the /N (MEDIT/N) option to prevent it from running. This will write to the MEM.SAV file on the work disk.
(4) Using the DOS menu option K, BINARY SAVE it back as follows: MEDIT/A, 2600, 2601. This append operation tells the Pascal program point to begin execution at the MEDIT entry point.
(5) Put the work disk back in D2. Put APLS Disk #1 in D1. You should now be able to launch MEDIT from the Atari Pascal Monitor.
the twitter conversation: https://twitter.com/...211748921434113
Thanks, Bill Lange


I finally got around to the modification posted above for modifying MEDIT for Atari Pascal and it worked! Only thing is to remember to do the modification with Atari DOS. Tried it with MYDOS and couldn't get it to work. After the program is modified Pascal & MEDIT will work with MyDOS though. 


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