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Atari Programming with 55 Programs by Linda M. Schreiber

Posted by hloberg, in Uncategorized, programming 23 February 2019 · 104 views

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Atari Programming with 55 Programs by Linda M. Schreiber
This is the book I learned the basics of Atari BASIC. One of the best beginners book on Atari BASIC and the Atari in general I have read.
Linda Schreiber did not talk down to you in the book. But, she did give very complete instructions with lots of explanations and a line by line description of what ever programming she was demonstrating. She also gave several examples of some useful everyday routines. This was (and is) invaluable in BASIC programs.
Attached is a disk of some of the better routines. She tended to embed the routines into nice little programs, I just condensed out the useful bits.
Attached File  BASIC-routines1.atr (179.64KB)
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Here is what's on the disk:
 BASDIR    BAS 0001
  GETKEY  BAS 0001
  MAKEPM  BAS 0003
  MOVEPM  BAS 0005
  TIMER   BAS 0002
BASDIR  BAS this is very condensed from the program in the book. she had XIO commands to LOCK etc. I just wanted the DIR command.
CLRSTR.BAS is the classic clear a string routine. You always need to clear a large string in Atari BASIC before you use it.
GETKEY.BAS how to use GET to read the keyboard
MAKEPM.BAS basic steps to creating a Player to display.
MOVEPM.BAS a simple M/L routine to move a player up and down. Note:there are much better routines out there.
MOVECHRSET.BAS little M/L routine to quickly move the character set to RAM
TIMER.BAS using the timer peeks
SECONDS.BAS using the same time peeks to click by every second (not in book, I created this)
Here is the book on Atarimania: http://www.atarimani...55-Programs.pdf
When I get around to it I'll post her ever better book on advanced programming techniques.
Till then, enjoy.