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Uridium 2

Posted by Cybergoth, in Graftgold 29 April 2006 · 1,498 views

Amiga Graftgold
Hi there!

So here it comes, Graftgolds other major Amiga update besides Paradroid 90:

Uridium 2

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Programming: Andrew Braybrook
Graphics: Mark Bentley, Stephen Rushbrook, Colin Seaman, Simon Sheridan
Musician: Jason Page

CU Amiga: 78%
LemonAmiga: 7.96

Uridium fans had to wait some long 7 years for "their" Amiga version. It was well worth waiting I'd say these days, yet back then I had already bought me some 50MHz VGA PC when it finally arrived.

Basically Uridium 2 does to Uridium, what Paradroid 90 does to Paradroid. It's been all revamped, with all new'n'shiny sound and vision, Uridium on Steroids one might say.

There's two new elements in the game:

For one your Manta can now be spiced up with some extra weapons. To do so, you just have to collect some extra weapon capsules, which make occasional appearances on the screen, usually being some "formation annihilation bonus", but there's also dreadnought surface targets that may trigger some as well.

Second new thing is a more detailed core destruction sequence mini game. Exiting your ship in a combat suit, you fly around the ships nuclear power core, shooting it until it explodes (Hey, hey there goes Mr. Smart! :lol:).

Absolutely outstanding is again the excellent soundtrack from Jason Page. Killer. His best work on the Amiga, period. If you've installed the Deliplayer already, then getting yourself the Uridium 2 soundtrack is an absolute must!

Fun in 2006:
Well, it took a while to get into it. Coming from the minimalistic C64 Uridium style, you'll be shocked when you see the Amiga version the first time. Once you get used to the busy graphics, you'll quickly realize that under the hood the classic Uridium gameplay is fully intact.


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