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1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming Episode 9: We need a little Contraversy Part 1.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, in 1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming 28 April 2016 · 704 views

Sophomore year is drawing to a close so I'll be able to tend the blog a little. This episode focuses on some of the games in the Contra series and its UK counterpart Probotector because of relegations on depictions of humans killing each other in war. 
The first video is Gryzor which was PurrfectTrio's very first overall episode. At a time, th...

Celebrating Year 14 today. Yay me.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, 20 November 2015 · 721 views

On my school recess right now. Celebrating my 14th birthday. Another year of healthy life and another year of fun.

(Sarcasm) What's the best way to commit matricide? My eyes they bleed.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, 27 September 2015 · 850 views

With the super blood moon out, mom decided to play an old dirty trick on me. I won't say what it was but those who can think of a bloody "moon" probably know what I'm talking about. It was an old email from before my time that she forwarded to me so I got caught off guard.  
The good ol flush the toilet while she is showering has been done already by...

Celebrations all around in the family.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, 23 September 2015 · 712 views

Today I helped celebrate my dad Eric (aka Yushiro) celebrate his 36th birthday and I am grateful to the man who helped brought me into this world. He and the other person, mother, celebrate their 14th anniversary next week on Oct 1st even though they married the day before just before midnight. Also celebrated the birthday of my sister, Chigura aka Tiggy...

PurrfectHD has launched on Youtube

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, 17 September 2015 · 789 views

Now you can catch a select few of our videos in HD with this spin off channel.
The first video on the new channel is Ducktales for the NES
Unlike the PurrfectTrio channel, there won't be any split in episodes by: Quickplay, Longplay, and Superplay. All episodes will bear the name Purrf...

1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming Ep. 8: Batman (Famicom)

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, in 1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming 03 September 2015 · 952 views

Notice how I said Famicom and not NES. Here is a small little tidbit about the Japanese version of Batman aside from the fact that it came out first. When you watch the video, you will notice that the music in stage 1 is the music in stage 2 for the NES and vice versa. That seems to be the only difference.

Almost had the steal of a century.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, 26 July 2015 · 924 views

There is a local pawn shop I sometimes visit and today I saw what looked to be a rare game and it was Robin Hood for the Colecovision. I looked online and saw it was a 7 on the rarity sale according to colecovisionzone and I asked how much were the Colecovision games since he had quite a bit of CV and 2600 games I figured he didn't know what he had. Thus...

1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming Ep. 7: Ghouls N' Ghosts saga

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, in 1.21 Gigawatts of Gaming 25 June 2015 · 1,071 views

This does not include Ultimate Ghouls N' Ghosts for the Sony PSP. These are the first three games released for the series: Ghosts N' Goblins for the NES, Ghouls N' Ghosts for the Sega Genesis and Super Ghouls N' Ghosts for the SNES. None of these are by me. Ghosts N' Goblins by Roja Calor/Captain Caliente, Ghouls N' Ghosts by Kage Negra/Tiggy Smalls, and...

Homebrew Youtube Exposure Ep. 5: AVGN KO Boxing (Alternate ending)

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, in Homebrew Youtube Exposure 23 June 2015 · 809 views

During a previous episode of HYE I covered AVGN KO Boxing but at the time I didn't know there was an extra boss but if you go through the whole game without being knocked down. You fight Bugs Bunny with a Woody Woodpecker mask on.

Gameplay by myself just like the last one.

First year of High School is in the books and future plans.

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, 27 May 2015 · 820 views

Summer vacation is here and it is gonna be fun as always. Chigura just graduated HS so between me and my siblings, 3 down 3 to go in 3 straight years with Michael Jr. on the heels of making it 4 for 4 when he graduates this coming fiscal year. Sadly, the run stops there. It would've been nice for me to make it 5 for 5 but alas it'll be 5 for 6 and Kuuga w...