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Rated-X Gaming Episode 1: Alpha and 177

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, in Rated-X Gaming 14 May 2015 · 4,244 views

Welcome to the first episode of my blog's latest YT episodic series and it's called Rated-X Gaming. I had plenty of names to chose from but this one stuck out. Other potential names were: NSFW Gaming, Too Hot For Public Viewing, Ecchicon's Paradise (because I am an Ecchicon deal with it), and Maximum Xposure as a jab at one of mom and aunt Pan's old nicks.  :lolblue:
- 177. The code 177 is the Japanese code for rape and the role you play is that of a rapist. Your goal is to rip off all four articles of the girl you are chasing then tackle her to the ground and engage her in sex. If you satisfy her, she will marry you. If you fail or run out of power, you go to jail. Gameplay is by Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria
- Alpha. This one is not so bad as far as being X-rated. You only end up that way when you are arrested which is something that will happen a minimum of four times throughout the game but that is it. Gameplay is done by me.
There is another game already on our channel (Melon Soda) which I'll save for next episode as I want to pair it with another game which has a food related title in the works and its called Cream Lemon: Star Trap.

Are those for PC?  I've heard that the Japanese PC market for games is non existent now other than Dating Sims, Dating Sims with Porn, and porn games. The self published games, however, are interesting to look at.

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Yep these are for the PC but they are for the 8-bit era type like other NEC PCs, MSX, X1, and FM7. It is true that PC Gaming in Japan somewhat went the way of arcades. Started off booming then got reduced to dating games and eroge as you put it.


There are major plans for modern day eroge in RXG as most of it will be from 8-bit era including Atari 2600.

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PC isn't all porn, it's just there's no major publishers. However there's a rather large homebrew scene.


One I can remember that's homebrewed is "Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon". It's a pretty cutesy platform game.



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Ahh yes. The homebrew scene. Played a bit of those myself especially the Gradius ones like Naradius. Those were the shit. The Rokko-chan one was great. But all pale in comparison to the Mega Man inspired Rosenkreuzstilette series. I should give Tobari a try too. Thanks for the link.

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