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Hidden Mr. Dream dodge sprite from Punch Out NES

Posted by Dragon Princess Yushira, 12 November 2017 · 425 views

For the record, I call this a hidden sprite rather than an unused sprite because each fighter in Punch Out actually has a dodge sprites to avoid uppercuts except for King Hippo of course. But to those who don't dodge uppercuts so often, Glass Joe, Great Tiger, and Mike Tyson do dodge uppercuts. It was discovered that Glass Joe will dodge uppercuts after the 6th uppercut connects. Putting the theory for others to the test, the same happens to the other two as well. All three of them have been shown on video normally thanks to the Game Genie code to dodge normal punches but Mr. Dream's dodge sprite has never been shown. Take a good look at Mr. Dream's dodge sprite which I combined a few screenshots to get the whole sprite and get rid of Mac in the process:
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Here it is in-game unedited:
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