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Diamond in the Rough

Diamond GOS PARAPRNT macro fix

Posted by Pack007, 23 April 2018 · 15 views
Diamond GOS PARAPRNT macro fix Programing Axiom  - The solution for every programming problem becomes obvious only after the solution has been found.
The PARAPRNT(2) and SYSDRAW(44) Diamond functions are both used to print text or font elements to the screen.  The SYSDRAW is fast because it is a no frills text display  function.  If you have the time, the PA...

Diamond GOS Menu Bar Reference Sheet

Posted by Pack007, 07 April 2018 · 81 views
Diamond GOS
Diamond GOS Menu Bar Reference Sheet If you found the dialog reference sheet of interest, I'm sure this reference for creating a menu bar will be just as interesting. 

This next Diamond project was going to be written in BASIC.  When I looked at all the information tables,  pointers and data strings needing to be defined as BASIC string variables, assembly lang...

Diamond GOS Dialog Reference Sheet

Posted by Pack007, 27 March 2018 · 87 views
Diamond, GOS, Dialog
Diamond GOS Dialog Reference Sheet When starting a Diamond project, I have a tendency to utilize a lot more design time before sitting down in front of a computer.  Sketching out displays, icons and menus seem to consume a lot of time but having this all worked out before committing it to code helps.
(Random Thought - Remember going into the office supply store and finding a wh...

CX22 Trackball mouse

Posted by Pack007, 15 August 2016 · 581 views
CX22, trackball, Mouse, Diamond
CX22 Trackball mouse Found an article within a PDF of the Status Newsletter on archive.org. It explained how to rewire a CX-22 Trackball for use as an ST-mouse for an A8-Diamond GOS based system or the ST.  I have been using a mouse from Best Electronics (model CBM1) for quite some time and should have a backup.  I made the modifications to my CX-22 as explained in...

Joystick Port 1 Output Control Accessory for Diamond GOS

Posted by Pack007, 31 May 2015 · 576 views
Diamond, Accessory
At some point during the writing of the last blog entry it dawned on me that accessories could be written to toggle the logic output for the joystick port from within any Diamond application that uses the drop down menu.  Six machine language programs were developed to do just that.
JSP1OUT.APP  Application to set the joystick port 1(JSP...

Can I ………?

Posted by Pack007, 22 May 2015 · 531 views

Can I ………? ANSWER:  Yes, you can use an Atari mouse plugged into port 1 while using the digital pins on port 0 as outputs while operating in the Diamond GOS environment.
The answer was needed because I’ve been thinking about writing the control software for some hardware projects to work under the Diamond GOS. As a test, this short program was writ...

FONTEDIT.APP – A closer look at disk #037

Posted by Pack007, 12 February 2015 · 579 views

I haven’t found the program I’ve been searching for but I did find a disk with my favorite Atari font editor and the Diamond Font Editor.   This was a mystery.  I never found Diamond’s font editor to be very useful but there it was among the *.FNT, *.DFT and FONT.BAS.
A *.FNT file is likely to be files containing the dat...

What’s on Disk #003

Posted by Pack007, 20 January 2015 · 864 views

There is a big banker box about ¾ full of floppy disks for the Atari8bit sitting next to my hobby bench.   They are from several systems that were purchased just before putting my 8bit equipment into storage.  I’m starting on a quest to see if their content is of any interest.
I was waiting to get an SIO2SD but the label glue i...

LMOUSE.ACC a mouse of a different shape

Posted by Pack007, 17 November 2014 · 987 views
I’m not sure why anyone would need to change the default mouse shape on the desktop but if you can do it in Windows maybe an attempt should be made for Diamond GOS.  I choose this project because it has been 20 years since the last accessory was written. This was the first idea that came to mind and then I stopped thinking. Plus, I’ll be...

BASLO211.APP – Diamond Desktop to BASIC

Posted by Pack007, 30 October 2014 · 945 views

This is the last of the Diamond Programs I wrote in the wayback. I wasn’t going to mention this one because the method of loading an Atari BASIC program from the desktop does not work for all BASIC programs and I’m not sure why. But… because it works for the majority of programs and the goal of any GOS is to reduce the use of the keyboar...

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