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Beyond Diamond Paint and Write

Posted by k-Pack, 05 March 2014 · 1,450 views

I keep searching the web looking for any references to programs that were written for Diamond beyond Paint and Write. It might surprise some people that they exist. Finding them is unlikely in the places I've looked. REEVEsoft offered some on a public domain disk and most were on CompuServe.
The author of the following list is a personal friend. He remembers that some people were able to run the programs and others could not. Your Diamond version, DOS or computer model will determine a programs success or failure.
I was a big fan of Graphic Master and the world mapping program from APX. Both these programs used the GR.8 graphics mode to display the screen and save the bit mapped image. VIEW8.APP used the diamond select routine to load these images if the extension was changed to .GR8. There were 2 versions. VIEW82B.APP ran under Diamond 2.0 and used an M65 file select macro. VIEW83.APP used the cartridge based file select routine in Diamond 3.0.
Is a game to match hidden symbols on a 6X6 game board. There was one player, two player modes or play against the computer. A redefined Diamond Font (MIXNMATCH.DFT) was used to define the symbols and is required for game play.
This is the game where you have a matrix of mixed up tiles, one is missing and you have to put them back in order.
A utility that will create a file to auto-load a BASIC program when quitting from Diamond. Its an adaptation of a program from COMPUTE! January, 1983 issue called Automate. It creates a file for each of the BASIC program you want to run. I have had intermittent problems using this program. At first I though it was the switch from Diamond 2.0 to 3.0 but that is not the full explanation of the problems. I hope this is something I can report upon in the future.
An accessory that that will print the directory to a printer. I'm just not sure which printers/interface it will work with.
This accessory will turn the motor of an Atari cassette recorder on and off. The audio channel can be listened to. The draw back is you can't access the disk drives while the motor is on.
This screen blank turns off the screen display until the mouse is clicked. Part screen saver – Part security when someone enters the room.
Uses the “49 Second Screen Dump” to print the screen display. With the right printer it works with the desktop and with VIEW8.APP.
If you lament about the lack of Diamond software please remember that it is not a total lack of software.

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