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d is for Diamond

Posted by k-Pack, 18 March 2014 · 1,566 views

It seems I may be procrastinating the start of my next Diamond program project. I have analyzed the situation and found that the postponement is not due to a lack of ideas as much as the fear of finding out how much I have forgotten about programing the Atari. Here is a sample of what else has been found to do.

Delay #1

I have decided to usurp the letter “d” to denote the presents of Diamond. Finding ways to delay the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome is of growing importance. So when I push the Diamond cartridge into my Atari it will become dAtari. (Or I should say dCartridge). Diamond Write will become dWrite and Diamond Paint will become dPaint. I am still trying to figure out if “dAtari” or “the dAtari” will be the correct usage. Maybe I need to think this through and find out how to keep OpenOffice from capitalizing the first letter of a sentence.

Delay #2

My wife had me take a piece of cheep furniture we used as a night stand out with the garbage. It made it as far as my basement office where it sat under the desk for a couple of years. Luckily it was there to set up dAtari but was soon crowded with equipment. So instead of writing programs I put a shelf under the draw for the disk drives and mounted the computer on its side. A shelf was constructed to set on the extended drawer to accommodate the keyboard and mouse. There is a little more room to work.
dDiskdrive shelf.JPG

Delay #3

Several dDisks had been found and examined for content. One disk was formatted with SpartaDOS 3.2. It must have come with one of the computer systems destined for landfills. I was one “DIR” away from a couple of programs I had forgot about.

FONTEDIT.APP - This appeared to be a font editor from Reeve Software (1989). It is a good start to a useful program. Upon closer inspection the menu functions were not working and only the letter “A” could be edited. Nice dDemo.

FONTCONV.BAS – This program should convert a standard format(?) font into a dFont. I have not seen this program in action so can not attest to its usefulness. Maybe someday. It's on my dTodo list.

JACKET.APP – A disk jacket maker for Epson FX printers. Written by D.M.A. in 1991. This will print the disk directory onto a sheet of paper that can be cut, folded and pasted to make a disk sleeve.

CHECK.APP – Check writer by D.M.A (1991) for Epson FX compatible printers. It creates a dialog box to input the check information for printing on a check.

Delay #4

Played a couple of games of Mix and Match to determine if I should video tape for Blog.

Delay #5

LEGO Batman 2 for the Wii. Now over 94% complete.

I did decide on a starter dProgram. I need a calculator app.  I think I'm going to call it dCalculator. I keep changing my mind about the method of implementation. (To icon or not to icon) Reverse Polish Notation and Atari BASIC's floating point math should make it simple to program. Since I'm not trying to make the payments on the Lamborghini, there is not that much of a rush.

A trip to the office supply store was in order 'cause there was no graph paper in the house. That whole section of coordinate paper has shrunk to one spiral book with 5 squares to the inch. Luckily its good enough for my needs. This hole ordeal with the graph paper makes me think the first project should have been a dIcon Editor utility.

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