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dTalk - Chapter 2 – The Awakening

Posted by k-Pack, 02 July 2014 · 932 views

diamond ASP
Well, no one gets the prizes for letting me know that my transistor was soldered in backwards.  I really couldn't test the circuit because the Talk is Cheap software was written when there was 4 controller ports.  The software would need to be written to access PADDLE(0 – 3) before a final test could be performed.  But first.....
I purchased and received a Pyle microphone.  Got a real good deal.  Then my mother-in-law told me there was room on a table at her garage scale for my junk.  I had lots of junk and even put one of my 800s on the table.  No one wanted it but most of them knew it was an old computer.  Her table contained a Realistic -  Omnidirectional – Highball 2 microphone that she would have given me for free (but I sunk the $2 into the money box without her looking).  Man, what I could have done with the money I spent for the Pyle. Timing is everything.
After recovering from that 2 day ordeal,  I made one more search on the web and found something on an old GEO (city?) post.  Seems the Talk Is Cheap hardware and software was updated and published as the ANTIC Sampling Processor (ASP) in the Feb/Mar 1990 issue of ANTIC. The software was re-written in assembler and used PADDLE(2) for input.  The hardware was modified to accept the auxiliary output from a sound source.
I read the article and downloaded the files from atarimagazines.com and gave it a try.  The first thing I learned was the program will lock up if the Diamond cartridge is in use.  The second thing I learned was that the transistor in my hardware was in backwards.
What a RUSH after I re-soldered the transistor and booted without Diamond. No kidding.  Not only could I hear my voice coming out of the speaker but the signal from our local AM afternoon talk show station could be heard,  loud and clear.  The radio signal disappeared when I replaced the Pyle microphone with the Realistic.  (Could be a grounding issue.)
I will have to look over the new program listing to see what I can use.  I'm also not sure if I will build the updated circuit since the first one works.  I seem to be getting pulled in several directions at the moment and hope to be able to devote more time to this Diamond GOS project when the snow flies.  I'll let you know when/if I decide to never work on this project again.

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