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Minecraft: easy spot ores texture pack

Posted by Serguei2, 02 April 2018 · 65 views

From: Different use of computer

Posted by Serguei2, 22 February 2018 · 113 views

Source: Different use of computer

Nickel could disappear since penny

Posted by Serguei2, 02 February 2018 · 161 views

In Canada, the nickel could be phased out too.

It's how Batman 1966 series is killed

Posted by Serguei2, 29 January 2018 · 140 views

I started watching Batman featuring Adam West and Burt Ward since September in CHCH.
The first season is great.
The second season is great too.
The third season is questionable:
- Flashing cards in fight scenes is annoying.
- Batgirl? Is she a great addition in the series? I don't know.
- The story seems to be cru...

I feel generosity today

Posted by Serguei2, 19 January 2018 · 139 views

I just gave $20 to Mira foundation.

What's an antenna?

Posted by Serguei2, 16 January 2018 · 128 views

People seems to forget antennas since hdtv is introduced
In 2000s, sellers said the only way to watch hdtv is to subscribe satellite/cable service.

From cinema theaters to DVD/Blu-Ray to television

Posted by Serguei2, 10 January 2018 · 139 views

Paddington 2 will be released in cinema theaters at January 12th in USA/Canada..
I wonder how much time I need to wait for DVD/Blu-ray release and when we can watch it on television networks.

Happy new year

Posted by Serguei2, 01 January 2018 · 95 views

Happy new year folks

Official last and final blog

Posted by Serguei2, 30 December 2017 · 147 views

This is the official last final blog I wrote

Merry Christmas

Posted by Serguei2, 24 December 2017 · 220 views

Merry Christmas folks.

The Titan Yacht

Posted by Serguei2, 20 December 2017 · 129 views

The first episode of the titan yacht is great. I love the Gilligan's Island humor in it and the characters fit well in the series.
Unfortunately, later episodes are just Teen Titans Go style.

From: Net Neutrality

Posted by Serguei2, 16 December 2017 · 128 views

Source: Net Neutrality
Seems important to me.

From: Who is this robot from Hanna-Barbera

Posted by Serguei2, 15 December 2017 · 114 views

Source: Who is this robot from Hanna-Barbera

I got Mouse, South Park season 9, Froot Loops cereal from mail

Posted by Serguei2, 15 November 2017 · 406 views

I got Mouse, South Park season 9, Froot Loops cereal from mail I got my order yesterday. My new mouse, South Park season 9 and Froot Loops cereal.
I started wonder if one day, we could order the whole grocerie by mail.
Ice cream, frozen cakes, fish, fruits, vegetables and other could be a challenge to send them by mail.

From: How 2600 reaches 90s when better consoles fail

Posted by Serguei2, 14 November 2017 · 184 views

Source: How 2600 reaches 90s when better consoles fail
It's awesome when a 1977 console is still popular in 1990s.

Mouse, South Park season 9, Froot Loops cereal

Posted by Serguei2, 04 November 2017 · 331 views

I ordered a new mouse, a South Park season 9 dvd set and  a Froot Loops cereal from Amazon
I never though Amazon can sell food as well. So I gave it a try.
Froot Loops cereal at $2.99 is very low price on Amazon. In groceries, it's almost  $6 - $8.
In bargain sell in groceries, $4.99.

Mario's castle

Posted by Serguei2, 11 October 2017 · 259 views

Mario's castle is a Wolfenstein 3d hack.

Minecraft: through the nether

Posted by Serguei2, 10 October 2017 · 222 views

So many dangers in the nether.

I just get AC power cord for Vaio

Posted by Serguei2, 02 October 2017 · 233 views

This is the second ac power cord I bought for my laptop Sony Vaio.
Why thses power cords fail on laptop computers.
I never need to buy a single power cords for IBM PCjr, 486sx Packard Bell and Micor.

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