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Google Chrome will stop supporting XP and Vista

Posted by Serguei2, 29 January 2016 · 126 views

Wait! I'm happy with my Vista.
I can make movies and games with it.

Toy Fair 2016 February 14-16

Posted by Serguei2, 13 January 2016 · 111 views

Generally, I don't follow Toy Fairs, but this year, I keep an eye on it  because of this thing.
I wonder how this console will be turn out.
This console will play 8-16-32 bit style but I'm not surprised if Minecraft will run on it.
Using the jaguar case for this console is a kind of joke for me....

SimCity 3000

Posted by Serguei2, 07 January 2016 · 121 views

I played SimCity 300 recently.

Unfortunately, the gameplay is deficient when the scrolling is too fast, prevents me to enjoy the game.
I throw away the citizens money because of the scrolling problem and spend more money to fix. :(
I wonder if the citizen will elect me again as mayor...

Happy holidays

Posted by Serguei2, in Flash cartoons 26 December 2015 · 119 views

Santa Claus is coming to town

Here a flash movie I made.
Sorry if I'm late to announce a Christmas movie at December 26th.
Better late than never, somebody would say it.

When Christmas is coming ...

Posted by Serguei2, 30 November 2015 · 130 views

My new movie is coming too.

Pluto's other moons

Posted by Serguei2, in Pluto 26 October 2015 · 162 views

I hope the Nasa will give us better pictures of smaller moons.

Charon: Pluto's moon

Posted by Serguei2, in Pluto 23 October 2015 · 151 views

Now let's take a look to Pluto's moon, Charon.
Looks like an vanilla ice cream with a sundae on the top.
Robin Gravel

Farewell Unity

Posted by Serguei2, 22 October 2015 · 170 views

I just removed the one gig program Unity because Google Chrome stopped supporting it.
And I don't  make Unity games anyway.

top 10 failed gaming franchises

Posted by Serguei2, 15 October 2015 · 194 views

Almost all games from this video I never heard.

test 2

Posted by Serguei2, 13 October 2015 · 137 views

Isabella's vlog 9: unknown regions by robin-gravel ']http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x39fbrx_isabella-s-vlog-9-unknown-regions_fun


Posted by Serguei2, 13 October 2015 · 145 views

<iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" src="//www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/x39ipwr" allowfullscreen></iframe><br /><a href="http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x39ipwr_videoblogue-d-isabella-regionsinconnues_fun" target="_blank">Vid&eacute;oblogue d&#039;Isabella: r&eacute;gionsinconnues</a>...

Isabella's vlog 9 is out

Posted by Serguei2, in Isabella's vlog 12 October 2015 · 125 views

A new episode of Isabella's vlog is out.
Robin Gravel

When Pac-Man is gambling ...

Posted by Serguei2, 25 September 2015 · 275 views

Should I scratch it or keep it untouched?

Are matches rare?

Posted by Serguei2, 17 September 2015 · 222 views

I went to a store when I heard a guy and other person talking about matches.
They said "It's easier to find lighters than matches."
I'm not sure if it true or but, I see more lighters than matches in the stores.

Pluto: Stay tuned

Posted by Serguei2, in Pluto 24 August 2015 · 270 views

"Why hasn’t this website included any new images from New Horizons since July? As planned, New Horizons itself is on a bit of a post-flyby break, currently sending back lower data-rate information collected by the energetic particle, solar wind and space dust instruments. It will resume sending flyby images and other data in early September.
The tea...

Nice new mailbox

Posted by Serguei2, 18 August 2015 · 317 views

I begin to use the new mailbox from Canada post. 

Yeah. The mailbox is other side of the main road (route 138) when vans come and go everyday.

This mailbox is nicer than the traditional blue-red mailboxes.
It even has drawings in the sides.

 The other side and back.

Here the...


Posted by Serguei2, 07 August 2015 · 220 views

I noted some websites now support Unity to play games unstead Flash.
So I decided to try Unity too.
If the installer is about 700 kb, the whole installation takes forever to load. I suspect the data is about one gig or even more.
I first thought Unity is a plug-in for browsers but it's something else.
After the whole ins...

Houston! We have a video of bright spots on Ceres in 3D.

Posted by Serguei2, in Ceres 06 August 2015 · 210 views

It is a long time the Nasa didn't bring news of Ceres.
Here we are.

Disk drive's higher price than the computer itself

Posted by Serguei2, 04 August 2015 · 210 views

I noted in mid 1980s the disk drive becomes popular to North-America even if it costs more than the computer itself

If you think the disk drive at $249 is expensive, take a look when the Commodore 64 is introduced in 1982.
Commodore 64 is at $599.00 and the disk drive at $399.95...

New Horizons reaches Pluto

Posted by Serguei2, in Pluto 22 July 2015 · 204 views

Yeah. New Horizons finally reaches Pluto at last.
Frozen plains on Pluto
Mountain range on Pluto
Why I am late to...

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