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Posted by Serguei2, 19 February 2019 · 19 views

Tarzan Tarzan is maybe not a beat'em up or a brawler game but it's very close.
The goal of this game is to free monkeys from mad apes/hunters and yelling in the top of a temple.
You can't kill anybody here, you can only knock down them unless they fall in the traps on in water.

Like I said, you can knock down ennemies but they event...

Subroutines in C

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision 19 February 2019 · 25 views

I learned something new in C recently:
Theses codes are for Colecovision.
This code is like if I type it in Basic, without numbers.
This one uses a subroutine.
Both codes give the same result except the last one use a subroutine.
When I saw codes from source games for the first time, I was confusing...

Reached 50th sprite + split codes + limited library

Posted by Serguei2, in Uncategorized, Programming Colecovision, My brawler game 11 February 2019 · 69 views

I just reached 50th sprite for my brawler game.

14 more to go and I'll run out of sprites. OUCH!  :o
I never thought a brawler game would take so many sprites.
I checked the 10years, a program included with the compi...

Google+ will close

Posted by Serguei2, 07 February 2019 · 50 views

Google+ will shut down. Personnaly I use rarely google+.

My brawler game ... again

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision, My brawler game 03 February 2019 · 61 views

My brawler game ...    again Yesterday, I added "PRESS FIRE 1 TO PLAY" and changed 2018 for 2019.
I noted when I press fire 1 to start the game, in a fraction of a second, I noted something appeared on the screen.
I put delay when the second screen is about to appears.
Sprites from the intro somehow re-appear briefly before they disappear.
That's I'm worki...

ColecoVision sprite 16x16

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision 01 February 2019 · 53 views

ColecoVision sprite 16x16 I noted in the Colecovision guide it is possible to make 16x16 sprites.
So I tried it and I get with a funny result.
My brawler game is too advance to change sprites to 16x16.
Also 16x16 sprites might take more resources than 8x8 but it's just guessing.

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