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Hit! Hit hard on Colecovision

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision, My brawler game 17 March 2019 · 58 views

I worked on my GOOMW today.
I managed to tell the player hit 5 times to the enemy to beat down.
I used this formula: if x player and x enemy is less than 16 pixels, punch it!   
I would use check_collision but I decided my method is better.   


Defeated. I hope he le...

New 3DS scares cats

Posted by Serguei2, 10 March 2019 · 37 views

It's annoying to take pictures/videos with my New 3DS, specialy taking pictures with cats.
No matters I turn down the volume, and select attention sound to none, there always has a sound when taking pictures
scaring cats. Most of time, i can only take one picture.
I also have an old digiital camera, but again, it make noise when zooming and...

When 'show all sprites' option is enabled

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision 08 March 2019 · 60 views

For this blog, I used  'show all sprites' option included in Colem, a colecovision.
Then I played the following games, Donkey Kong, Kiwi's Beach Clean Up and GOOMY!, an beat'em up game I'm working.
Both Donkey Kong and Kiwi's Beach Clean Up, are flicker free now.
However, GOOMY! is still flickering as bad because t...

GOOMW! A scrolling game?

Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision, My brawler game 07 March 2019 · 64 views

I browsed Atariage when I found into this topic:
Kiwi released a program and an open source to show how to scroll 8 directions on Colecovision.
So I write down the code and compiled it. It's incredible!

So I start thinking: how about making GOOMW! to sc...

Tutankham: pfff

Posted by Serguei2, 03 March 2019 · 72 views

Tutankham: pfff Tutankham is a good potential game ruined by the gameplay.
You are an explorer, collecting keys and treasures. In the way, there are monsters in the burial chambers to shoot them.
The problem is, you can shoot left and right but not up and down.
I will make a similar game where the hero shoots all four directions, collecting treasures...


Posted by Serguei2, in Programming Colecovision, My brawler game 01 March 2019 · 76 views

GOOMW! I worked on GOOMW! (Get Out Of My Way!) today.
What's new:
- Pressing keypad 1 or 2 won't cycle weapons likes crazy.
Needs to improve/add:
- How NOT to display five numbers using print_at with variables.
  No one wants to see 'LIFE=00006'.
- Sounds. This game deserves to have sounds.
- Of course we nee...

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