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Sound, Fight, Scroll and a new demo to play

Posted by Serguei2, in Uncategorized, Programming Colecovision, My brawler game 25 March 2019 · 132 views

I worked on my brawler game today.
Attached Image
In this demo, you can defeat all bad guys, they won't attack you.
I decided to make the game scrolling and reworked on the backgrounds.
If you think it's easy to make decent backgrounds, take a look at this code:
Attached Image
It's a mess for some who are not familiar with programming in C.
It took 30 seconds to compile and sometimes, the compiler freezes.
Here the rom: Attached File  ok 24.rom (10.98KB)
downloads: 8
You need a colecovision or an emulator to play.
Good night everyone.

Once I see c it's hard to unsee it.
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You're talking about sprites !?

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When I see code like that it turns my mind to mush resulting in gibberish. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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I spend hours mapping like that for a game I finished.  Filled 3 banks of data just for tiles.

I learned how to use Column mode in Notepad++.

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