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Space Trash: an upcoming AGS game

Posted by Serguei2, in Space Trash, AGS games 29 November 2012 · 1,611 views

Hi there

What am I spending times since 3 weeks in a row?

Space Trash

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Space Trash is an AGS adventure game which the heroes got abducted by a strange light. Now they are in the wierd place.

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YeSSSSSSSSS sir. You can select a character. While the main quest would be the same for the three heroes, mini-quests can only apply for one of them.

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The game features horror scenes with dead bodies, meet / fight fierce creatures in the science fiction era.

Space Trash also feature advanced inventory system where you can use an item.

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Carl can use his pickfork, Inconcia casts spells and Robin can use computers.

I'll release the demo in 2013.

The screenshots are in French but the game will support English as well.

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The game first was supported 320x200 but it had switched to 320x240 to eliminate letterbox.

Good bye. See you later.

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