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TI-99/4A Stuff

An updated EDITOR for the TI-99/4A that works with ALL the new technology!

Posted by --- Ω ---, 03 September 2018 · 521 views
EDITOR, 4A/DOS, EA/5, UberGROM and 3 more...
What's more appropriate for NEW gear on older computers, than updated versions of older software?  
Some legacy programs have 'issues' when dealing with newer gear or storage formats.  Some older editors like TI-Writer or BA-Writer leave 'garbage'(see first reply below) at the end of a file which can interfere with programs like 4...

3D Printers - New Tech protecting our new "TI-Toys" (Updated 07/6/2018)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 23 April 2018 · 1,110 views
3D Printing, TI-99/4A, TIPI and 6 more...
Currently, few people have a decent 3D printer, even fewer people have the design skills to create cool stuff on them.  It's really no problem because here at AtariAge we have a diverse community.  We have people with almost every skill to fill almost every available niche.  One member, who goes by "COREi64 " has the printers (currently fou...

Photos 'tweaked' to reflect a TI-99/4A theme. (Updated 04/14/2019)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 14 April 2017 · 1,434 views

Over the past couple of years, I've tweaked a few images here and there to reflect a TI-99/4A theme.
I figured I'd post a few of them here...

Getting back into the TI-99/4A easily & quickly! (updated 4/9/2019)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 16 February 2017 · 2,256 views
TI-99/4A, Classic Computing and 1 more...
Getting back into the TI-99/4A easily & quickly! (updated 4/9/2019) The 'classic' TI-99/4A home computer has been getting more and more popular over the past couple of years.  The TI community is quite literally exploding with new users, hardware and software.  Now has never been a better time to join the community or to 'come back home' from a long absence.  
In the past there were a few limitat...

Easily Overlooked -- "Jam Packed" Informational Source for the TI-99/4A

Posted by --- Ω ---, 23 January 2017 · 1,129 views
TI-99/4A, Floppy Days, Podcast and 1 more...
Easily Overlooked -- "Jam Packed" Informational Source for the TI-99/4A Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s dull and uninteresting, our TI-99/4A’s are proof of that!  In fact there is a lot of interesting information floating around the Internet that can easily be overlooked. 
We all know how to search for text documents, web sites and other specific things we know exist, but wha...

NanoPEB & CF7 -- 3D Printed Cases!

Posted by --- Ω ---, 28 December 2016 · 1,534 views
TI-99/4A, NanoPEB, CF7, 3DP
NanoPEB & CF7 -- 3D Printed Cases! The NanoPEB & CF7's have been available for a few years, and now after an extended period of time, appear to be back in limited production again.
Now in the past, like the present, one of the major drawbacks of the Nano PEB & CF7 has been the lack of an available protective case.  Many of us were forced to "kludge" something together f...

JediMatt42's -- Plug-N-Play 32K for the TI-99/4A (updated 8/22/2017)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 20 October 2016 · 1,538 views
TI-99/4A, 32K, JediMatt42 and 2 more...
Back in the day there were a ton of TI-99/4A consoles released into the wild, most of them went 'unexpanded', many ended up in the back of a closet never to see daylight for decades.  Why?  Because the system add-ons were very expensive, so by the time prices came down, TI had abandoned the home computer market and people had moved on to newer,...

Tursi's - Slideshow & TMS9918 converter 'combo package' (UPDATE 10/05/16)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 04 October 2016 · 1,719 views
TI-99/4A, F18A, HDX, TMS9918 and 3 more...
Tursi's - Slideshow & TMS9918 converter 'combo package'  (UPDATE 10/05/16) For decades, graphics on the TI-99/4A sucked by contemporary standards.  As time marched on, so did the world of static images, leaving the aging TMS9918 all but abandoned for active work. Working with graphics on the TI became slow and cumbersome, compared to modern machines. This 'dual combo' is real easy to use together, and makes using graph...

Using your classic VGA based gear on contemporary flat-screen TV's

Posted by --- Ω ---, 21 September 2016 · 1,277 views
VGA, HDMI, Classic Computing and 3 more...
Using your classic VGA based gear on contemporary flat-screen TV's You want to use your F18A enhanced computer, vintage game machine or other VGA equipped classic computer on your fancy new big screen television set?  Think again, most new TV’s no longer support VGA or S-Video inputs.   Don’t you just love planned obsolescence and cost saving methods?  What’s a hobbyist to do?...

A new 3D printed case for the FlashROM 99. (Edited 8/01/2016)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 11 July 2016 · 2,943 views
TI-99/4A, FlashROM99, Omega
A new 3D printed case for the FlashROM 99. (Edited 8/01/2016) The months of June & July of 2016 were exciting times for users of the classic TI-99/4A "Home Computer".  We were lucky enough to get not one, but TWO new goodies!
The first was the << FlashROM 99 >> and the second was the new 3D printed case.  It didn't take long for this thing to hit the market either.  The reason?...

The AMAZING "FlashROM 99" Cartridge -- (Modified 9/24/2018)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 31 May 2016 · 6,351 views
TI-99/4A, FlashROM99
The AMAZING "FlashROM 99" Cartridge -- (Modified 9/24/2018) The
FlashROM 99
NOTE/UPDATE: The cartridge has been superseded by the new FinalGROM 99.
The FlashROM 99 that came out in May of 2016 has proven to be a definite paradigm shift in cartridge technology for the TI-99/4A.  In the past, if one wanted cartridge based programs they either had to buy an EEPROM programmer, like the MiniPR...

Making "One-Off" Cartridge Labels for your TI-99/4A (Updated 4/17/2017)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 11 March 2016 · 2,437 views

Making "One-Off" Cartridge Labels for your TI-99/4A   (Updated 4/17/2017) If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words is a video worth?  
Back in the Day , most cartridge labels made at home by people looked pretty "amateur".  Back then I saw Dymotm stick on strips, plain paper with typewriter text, rub on dry transfer lettering among other stuff.  Now days with modern PC's we can make...

Strips, Cards, Manuals, Labels, 3D Objects & More! - Updated (03/26/2019)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 26 November 2015 · 5,458 views
TI-99/4A, SHORTCUTS, LINKS and 2 more...
Strips, Cards, Manuals, Labels, 3D Objects & More!  - Updated (03/26/2019) This is not my usual blog entry.  This is more of a CHEAT SHEET to links that can be hard to find of downloadable books, manuals, keyboard strips, reference cards, etc.
Clicking on the links will take you to the message where the item is available for download.

.BIN Repository BACKUP (+extra stuff) -- Updated (03/22/2017)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 13 November 2015 · 2,457 views

http://www.atariage...._1027_12686.jpg   to the .BIN Repository BACKUP

Making ones own cartridges! -- (Modified 11/19/2016)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 13 October 2015 · 4,586 views
TI-99/4A, MiniPRO, EEPROM and 4 more...
Making ones own cartridges! -- (Modified 11/19/2016) For little less than the price of some 'Homebrew' cartridges, one can purchase their own burner, download the free images << AVAILABLE HERE >> and make cartridges to suit their immediate needs.  Later as interests change, erase and re-burn!  Why not consider a burner and take your TI hobby to a new level?
A while back,...

Some of the BEST threads & blog entries on the TI-99/4A -- (Updated 4/26/2018)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 21 August 2015 · 2,370 views
TI-99/4A, BEST
Sometimes one comes across a message thread that stands out from the rest.
This blog entry is designed to bring these awesome stand-out threads to the attention of people that either missed them the first time, or are new and have never seen them before. 
If you know of an excellent message thread that you believe belongs here, please post the...

The BEST menu system for the TI-99/4A ever produced! (F18A) Updated 11/10/2015

Posted by --- Ω ---, 17 August 2015 · 1,900 views
We F18A users have enhanced video capability,
now we get to use it!
Until recently, having an 80 column menu loader (for the F18A), that actually displayed the menu selections in 80 columns, was a dream.  And while I doubted this day would ever come, I’m happy to have been wrong in this instance!  Sure we’ve had the legacy p...

Bling (with practicality) for the P-Box! (Updated 04/04/2019)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 02 August 2015 · 2,246 views
TI-99/4A, HDX, BLING and 1 more...
Being that 'necessity is the mother of invention', this project was inevitable...
NEED(s):   1) A way to toggle the interrupt line of my HDX.
         2) An easy way to reset the memory in the HDX.
         3) Wanting to know the P-Box's temperature since

Is it reliving my past, going back to my computer roots or a 'midlife' issue?

Posted by --- Ω ---, 11 July 2015 · 1,760 views

It's amazing how many configurations there can be for one little computer.  Over the years my system(s) have changed quite a bit.  Now as I relive my youth through my Classic TI-99/4A, I'm finding that I'm having much more fun the second time around!
Here is a walk down memory lane with photos...
My TI-99/4A in 1985

Updating the WICO "Command Control" Trackball

Posted by --- Ω ---, 18 June 2015 · 2,442 views

Needing a simple project to alleviate the ‘boredom factor’, I purchased a Wico ‘Command Control’ trackball unit for my classic computer.  I knew before ordering that the RED color of the device, ‘simply would NOT do ’, as it appears cheap (at least to me).  Since I re...

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