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Extended Basic v2.7 Suite -- (Final Update 9/27/2015)

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Extended Basic v2.7 Suite -- (Final Update 9/27/2015)

On 11/19/2016 this entry was locked into time-capsule/archive status.
Have you ever wondered, if you could only have one cartridge for your TI-99/4A what cartridge that would be?  That question was answered thanks to the late Atari Age member Tony "The Great Gazoo" Knerr.
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 Tony "The Great Gazoo" Knerr - Born 09/22/1958 - Passed 09/22/2015  
Are you a Newbie or returning TI'er with only a console?  
If so, forget about buying one of those over-priced XB carts on eBait, get this cartridge instead. This Cartridge will work on limited machines too.  Version 1, while holding down the space bar will take you directly to Extended BASIC with no need for 32K or an expansion system.
As you E X P A N D your system or gain more knowledge, you'll grow into this cartridge, but I doubt you'll ever outgrow it...
Do you have a P-Box or Nano-PEB or both?
This cartridge "supports them all" and has a suite of programs that are REALLY USEFUL, so it does not matter if you have a CorComp FDC, TI-FDC, Myarc HFDC or a Nano-PEB, this thing is ready for you now or in the future, however you choose to expand.
Are you more of an advanced user?
Do you want to do some assembly language programming?   This single cartridge REPLACES the Editor/Assembler cartridge too!  So now if you want to program, it's got you covered there too, and yes, it'll even load E/A 3's not just the E/A 5 files like most loaders.
So where are we at?  This thing REPLACES Extended Basic AND the Editor Assembler, and it costs less than both those cartridges combined but it does so much more!  In fact it does so much more that I'm not even going to attempt to cover it all here!  If you want to learn more, download the documentation below or on the authors thread.  Tony left us an awesome legacy, for utility I do not believe a better cartridge will ever come to be.
This cartridge is the end product of YEARS of development.  Many of the "TI-Gods & Guru's"  have their mark on this cartridge, in the hardware, software and integration of everything into this one package.  Now you the user can get it at a very affordable price.
Oh yeah, if you just want to relax a little, it comes pre-loaded with 16 games.  So now if you just want to play a quick game of Parsec, Pole Position, Solitaire or whatever, it's got you covered there too.
This is a well thought out cartridge and one I believe belongs in EVERYBODY'S personal TI-Library.  
** UPDATE 09/27/2015 **
So long my friend, thank you for letting me be your beta tester on this project, while I could never understand why you chose me, it was indeed an honor.  You'll be missed. 
**  UPDATE 04/24/2015 **
Gazoo came out with a major improvement for users of BOOT!   Version 2, as the video shows, when you turn on your TI, hit reset or quit a program you will now automatically return to BOOT!  No more having to press buttons to get past the title and menu screens.

To download the utility and update your cartridge, go to Gazoo's post << HERE >>
Update from 03/27/2015
Check this message << HERE >> for details from the author! 
This is simply an awesome new utility, one that even has the ability to 'unbrick' a cartridge by using a special loader in TI BASIC!  Check it out!

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Thanks for your time and testing it out! I will have a closer look at my XB 2.7 cart now.

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F6 was not working on mine so I did an upgrade to firmware image 050615XB27.dsk as it was few days newer than mine I had. I tried the upgrade via the Lotharek drive and got a read error (never happend before) and almost bricked my 2.7 cart. Quite dangerous as the TIBASICLOAD for TI-Basic would not work on my cart currently as I cannot load and run TI-Basi programs after pressing the Z option.

Luckily Assembler option B was still working so I did the upgrade using 050615XB27.dsk using my NanoPEB and the cart is alive again now. I also can press F6 now and always get the red "Cartridge Grom is compromised!" screen. Tried it 3 times always the same result.

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5 Million forum entries later I found now 060715XB27.dsk which seems to be the latest version (?), did the update with my NanoPEB which was successful, still when I press F6 the red screen comes up. At least the TI-Basic load issue is solved now, so I can load and run TI-Basic programs after pressing Option Z.

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I tried the upgrade via the Lotharek drive and got a read error (never happend before) and almost bricked my 2.7 cart.


Yes, that's happened before!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Always use Ti99Dir to 'copy' the update files to the                     image format YOU USE.  If a 40 track image file is

                  used on an 80 track drive, bad things will happen,

                  and you DON'T want that happening in the middle of a

                  firmware update.



Roli - Use Ti99Dir, and copy the files to a DSSD 80 track disk image, convert it to an .HFE and try it again.  Hopefully it'll work this time.

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Ah OK, I have seen that notice, but didn´t fully understand what it should mean in that case, as I was using a 40 track image on a 40 track "Lotharek disk". Anyway could solve it with my NanopPEB fortunately. ;-)

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A lot has happened in the TI community since Tony made this cartridge and passed away.

I usually update my blog entries or delete old ones as necessary, but in the case of this entry and out of respect to Tony, I'm "locking this entry in time".

As you read this you'll see the status and excitement of that time in the TI-Community.  Replies can no longer be added.


- Ω -

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