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The #1 Modification for the TI-99/4A is... (updated 3/09/2019)

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F18A VGA HDMI Classic Computing Retro Gaming
The #1 Modification for the TI-99/4A is... (updated 3/09/2019)

The F18A 
Video Enhancement Board

Retro Computing on the TI-99/4A can be a blast from the past for many of us, but nothing can ruin the experience faster than blurry, distorted or snowy images.  Are we really going to dump hundreds of dollars into re-acquiring old equipment, as well as the cool new toys coming out, only to view a crappy picture over some lousy old TV or monitor?  Heck NO, and we don't have to, because as many of us in the community already know, Matthew Haggarty came to our rescue with the truly affordable F18A Video Enhancement board.
UPDATE --- 06/05/2015 ---
Among Atari Age users, the F18A is now the most used video output device for the TI-99/4A!
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There are so many reasons to get one of these video upgrades, some of the most obvious are:
1) Crisp and sharp video
2) Ability to use modern HDTV's and computer monitors
3) Ease of installation
4) Reasonably priced
However, there are more not so obvious reasons as well:
Over the past year, I've read about numerous TI systems that have developed different video issues.  The F18A card fixed all of these problems, without the owners having to waste literally hours trying to diagnose and identify the specific video chip at fault.  They also avoided the hassles of removing the old broken components.  Since this is a socketed device, it's a fix even a newbie with no soldering skill can perform.
Now, Matthew only advertises this card as a functional 9918 replacement, but quite frankly, it has a few tricks up it's sleeve that go above and beyond a crisp, clean, and flicker free picture.  This board has also has a HUGE additional benefit that many people, myself included are enjoying...

...80 COLUMN MODE...

Yep!  The F18A will display 80 columns in programs like the Multiplan, BOOT, 4A/DOS, the Tursi modified BA-Writer and many more.  With the sheer numer of F18A's out in the wild, it's become the de-facto standard.  I'm hoping more stuff becomes available for it in the coming years.
  Here are a few screen shots taken from my system....
 Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
The attached PDF file below contains all the known programs to currently take advantage of the F18A's 80 column mode or enhanced graphics capabilities. (As of 1 January, 2015)
You can download a few of the major 80 column compatible programs    << HERE >>
If you would like to purchase one of these little marvels, just click on  << THIS LINK >>
This is the #1 upgrade for the TI-99/4A. (IMHO)  Everyone can can gain from this device, from the lowly newbie or returning user with only the basic console, to the rabid TI zealot with a totally over-blown and radically expanded system.  If you've not yet purchased one of these for your TI, there is only one question that needs asking... What's taking you so long?  It's time you get in on the enjoyment.
Another Atari Age user, Vectrex Roli made a neat little You Tube video about this card, take a peek here...

Also... the future has some COLOR in it!  :)

*** UPDATE -- 09/21/2016
If you want to use this device on a modern flat screen TV that only has an HDMI conntector
<< CLICK HERE >> for more information about VGA to HDMI converters.
 *** UPDATE -- 03/09/2019
The creator/manufacturer no longer appears interested in making the F18A device, no matter how many people still want to obtain one, even knowing that 'someday' a new device 'might' hit the market.   He has designed a replacement device, but it's been plagued with potential licencing issues.  In the mean time the hobbyist has been essentially left high and dry.

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My F18A is on its way. You missed 1 benefit of the F18A ;) well kinda goes with being able to use modern tv/computer monitor...freeing up desk space :D no big old CRT on the desk
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... no big old CRT on the desk


You mean like this anonymous kid in the photo I found on the Internet? 


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Haha yea :) I just got my F18A its AWESOME! Hardest part of the install cutting hole in casing for the connector. The F18A board itself just plugs in :) super easy. I've tried a few games, Rasmus's F18A enabled games of course look really good, but even non F18A enabled games like Pac-Man nvr looked better :D definitely the must have mod for any TI-99/4A enthusiast
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Sorry to hear that the F18A is no longer available. I snoozed, I loosed!



Maybe someone else will carry the torch.

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stop. The F18A IS available. The NanoPEB is not longer available.


-- EDIT --

It appears the maker has started making the NanoPEB's again after a long discontinuation.

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