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Some of the BEST threads & blog entries on the TI-99/4A -- (Updated 4/26/2018)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 21 August 2015 · 2,353 views


Sometimes one comes across a message thread that stands out from the rest.
This blog entry is designed to bring these awesome stand-out threads to the attention of people that either missed them the first time, or are new and have never seen them before. 
If you know of an excellent message thread that you believe belongs here, please post the link!
To get things started here are a few of my favorites:
 0 - TI-99/4A Development Resources
    By: Retroclouds
 1 - HOW TO replace PEB PSU with a new AT/LPX PSU
     By: Wyerd
 This thread is very informative on how to replace the power supply in the TI's P-Box and 
 has lot's of support pictures.  
 2 - HOW TO replace the Obsolete Cassette Port with a VGA Connector
     By: Wyerd
 3 - HOW TO prepare an AVR as an UberGROM
     By: Tursi
     Tursi wrote one of the best and most useful utilities EVER for the TI-99/4A, this shows you
     how to setup your own 512K UberCart so you can use it!
 4 -.BIN Repository (Images for Burning Cartridges)
    Thread Started By: --- Ω ---
    I don't know if it's 'bad form' to choose a thread I've started myself, BUT a bunch of great TI guys
    came in and filled it chock full of so many TI cartridge goodies that I felt compelled to include it.
 5 - Tips/Tricks Products Used In Restoration  
    Thread Started By: Guitarman
    While this thread is in the ATARI SECTION you might be able to glean a few hints suitable
    for working on your TI... especially you guys with beige models.
 6 -  TI-99 - Resources & Lists (updated)
     Thread Started By: Schmitzi
     The #1 message in this thread has PDF listings covering all kinds of TI stuff.  It'll blow your mind.
     From a personal note, I like his style... it's so familiar somehow!
 7 - TI-Cart Labels
     Thread Started By: dphirschler
     This thread covers cartridge label design and hints.  Good stuff for those making and designing
      their own cartridge labels.
 8 - TI99/4A Beige Edition Retro-Brite Process
      Thread Started By: Majdachi
      This thread is a MUST for those with a yellowed beige model TI-99/4A console.
 9 -  FlashROM 99 & FinalGROM 99 Image Repository
       Thread Started By:  --- Ω ---
       Due to overwhelming support and activity, this one needed to be included.
       It's a shortcut to ALL known images for the devices.
10 - How to mount 2 Half Height Drives in a PEB WITHOUT DRILLING
       Thread Started By: Wyerd
        Another project complete with instructions and photos.  Excellent for newbies.
11 - TI-99/4A Beige Consoles?
       Thread Started By: Muzz73
       This thread is packed with information & photographs of a lots of different TI consoles.
12 - Vorticon's Blog
       Blog By: Vorticon
       So far this is the first and only blog full blog to make on the list.  Check this out, it's awesome!
13 - My NanoPEB Questions
       Thread Started By: Sinphaltimus
       This thread is has some information useful to "Newbies" to the NanoPEB & CF7 devices.
14 - The Asgard Software Archive
       Thread Started By: Schmitzi
       This thread is a great source for finding Asgard software, sometimes even stuff you never
       knew you needed.
15 - Disk DOC to PDF
       Thread Started By: Sparkdrummer
       This thread is where Sparkdrummer nearly single-handedly cleans, re-formats and converts all
       kinds of old TI documentation into the newer PDF format that everyone can print and use.
       In the near future I plan to start linking to many of these files from another blog entry.
A couple of the best VISUAL NOSTALGIA threads listed below have some really neat period photos, or magazine scans of good quality. 
A - Pix of TI merch at department stores
      Started By: S1500
      Still a small thread, but it makes up for it in the quality of posted period photos.
B - Old computer magazines
      Started By: sometimes99er
      Some neat scans from computer magazines of the era.  Another thing thAt is really cool is
      that you get to see what fellow TI'ers from other countries were doing as well.

This thread was updated on 8/18/2016.

I'd sure like to get a submission or two from others for this thread.

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very nice compilation, Omega. And I never saw this Retro-Brite thing before...

and this Tips´n´Tricks thread is nice, with the peroxyde.

I think I have to test that on my teeth first, before I go on with and risk my beige TI  :)

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thank you Omega for referring my thread :)

I know I have to do so much work on that, but don´t find the time

The database (.XLS) has grown a lot in this year.

and I have changed some issues in the structure/categories

have to update all this PDFs

also my move finally came to an end. Almost ;) some more fine tuning needed

btw what is new ? Atari section ?

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