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.BIN Repository BACKUP (+extra stuff) -- Updated (03/22/2017)

Posted by --- Ω ---, 13 November 2015 · 2,005 views

Posted Image  to the .BIN Repository BACKUP
                                                                        Notes:  RED, BLUE & YELLOW boards can use the same images
                                                                                         Items with a * denote newer 'homebrews'
IF DATA APPEARS TO WRAP TO THE NEXT LINE, HOLD DOWN THE "CTRL" BUTTON AND PRESS (-) MINUS UNTIL IT LOOKS PROPER                                                                                                                                    
Compilation Cartridges
Filename                        Author               Description                         Post Link
EducartsRom.bin                 Compiled by Gazoo    TI Education Cartridges             Message #28
Gamecart.bin                    Compiled by Gazoo    Many of the best games for the TI   Message #28
Gamecart2.bin                   Compiled by Gazoo    More games in the cartridge series  Message #28
Gamecart3CreepersFixed.bin      Compiled by Gazoo    More games in the cartridge series  Message #28
053015Gamecart4.bin             Compiled by Gazoo    More games in the cartridge series  Message #28
Games5.bin                      Compiled by Gazoo    More games in the cartridge series  Message #28
Games6-R3-NoDsk_2015-03-14.bin  Compiled by Gazoo    Last in his series of game cart.    Message #28
512kUtilitiesRom.bin            Compiled by Gazoo    Assorted utilities                  Message #28 
12kUtilitiesV2_2015-05-17.bin   Compiled by Gazoo    Assorted Utils (for 9938/58 VDP's)  Message #28 
2megGAMErom_09-18-2015.bin      Compiled by Gazoo    2048K Games 1 (For Yellow Board)    Message #28  
1megGames08312015.bin           Gazoo/Ksarul         1024K Games 3                       Message #28
ScrollingTrilogy3.bin           Rasmus Moustgaard*   Road Hunter/TI Scramble/Titanium    Message #11
Atarisoft-multicart-3.bin       Rasmus Moustgaard    Atarisoft Games                     Message #11

Atarisoft8.bin                  Rasmus Moustgaard    Atarisoft Games for the 256K chips  Message #150 
Atarisoft512K8.bin              Rasmus Moustgaard    Atarisoft Games for the 512K chips  Message #150 
Rasmus-8in1-cart-8.bin          Rasmus Moustgaard*   All 8 Rasmus Games in 1 cart!       Message #68   

Multi-Chip/Multi-Burn Cartridges
Filename                        Author                Description                        Post Link
Extended Basic Fun.zip          Anthony Knerr         XB2.7/XB256/TML                    Message #141 
ck-multi1v1-binonly.zip         ckoba/Tursi           Logo, Logo II, Multiplan           Message #118  
Single Image Files
Filename                        Author                Description                        Post Link
banktest.zip                    Tursi                 Bank Test                          Message #23

Cortex_BASIC_Bin.zip            Stuart Conner         Cortex BASIC for 64K Guidry Cart   Message #01
CBASIC80_040_512K.zip**         Stuart Conner         Cortex BASIC for 512K Carts        Message #30 
Crossfirebin3.BIN                                     Crossfire Game                                               Message #43
EditorAssembler.zip             Tursi                 Editor/Assembler Complete          Message #23
fbForth200_20151109.zip         Lee Stewart           TI Forth with file-based Block I/O Message #01

Hide & Seek                                           Hide & Seek Game                   Message #43
HyperRacer Crap Entry.zip       Tursi                 Entry for the Crap contest         Message #23
Jsw3.bin                        Rasmus Moustgaard*    Jet Set Willy                      Message #11

Mine.bin                        Sometimes99er         Minesweeper                        Message#139
nonoc.bin                       sometimes99er         Nonogram V1.0                      Message #97 
RoadHunter3.bin                 Rasmus Moustgaard*    Road Hunter (Racing Game)          Message #11
Sabrewulf3.bin                  Rasmus Moustgaard*    Sabre Wulf                         Message #11

snakec.bin                      Sometimes99er         Snake Plissken                     Message #12                                       
snake512.bin                    Sometimes99er         Snake Plissken for 512K chip       Message #26
Sports3.bin                     Rasmus Moustgaard*    Sports (Foot Racing game)          Message #11
stranger3.zip                   Tursi/Upd: Retrospect Text Based Adventure               Message  #26
Multiple Versions (off-site)    Stuart Conner         TI-99/4A Internet Browser          Message #178 
Titanium3.bin                   Rasmus Moustgaard*    Titanium (Space Shooter)           Message #11
Tiscramble3.bin                 Rasmus Moustgaard*    TI Scramble (Space Shooter)        Message #11
tiworkshop379.zip                                     TI Workshop                        Message #23

War Zone II-512K-8.bin          Quinton Tormanen      War Zone II conversion by Rasmus   Message #285 Posted Image
Warzone II-8.bin                Quinton Tormanen      War Zone II conversion by Rasmus   Message #285 Posted Image
ZombMotif.zip                   Codex, Tursi, Owen    Zombie MOTIF                       Message #23
** (Image by jedimatt42) 

Demonstration Images  
f18a-monkey                     Rasmus Moustgaard     Monkey Island Island images        Message #282
megademo8.bin                   Multiple              Don't Mess with Texas Mega Demo    Message #282
monkey8.bin                     Rasmus Moustgaard     Monkey Island Images (9918 Ver.)   Message #282
rotozoom8.bin                   Rasmus Moustgaard     Rotozoom Demo                      message #282
UberGROM Images (specialized images for the prepared Atmega 1284P)
Filename                        Author                Description                        Post link
ckmulti1v1.zip                  ckoba/Tursi           Logo, Logo II, Multiplan           Message #116 
XBv27 060315.zip                Anthony Knerr         Extended BASIC 2.7 Suite           Message #496 
RXB2015Flash.bin      (A)*      Rich Gilbertson       Rich Extended Basic                Message #558
RXB2015EEprom.bin     (B)*      Rich Gilbertson       Rich Extended BASIC                Message #558
RXB 512kROM.bin       ©*      Rich Gilbertson       Rich Extended BASIC                Message #10
All three files are required*                     
NOTE: If you plan to create an XB2.7S cartridge 'from scratch' you'll need to prepare the AVR.
      Check out << THIS THREAD >> by Tursi, our resident expert in this procedure.

      If you have a MiniPRO TL688CS programmer << DOWNLOAD THIS FILE >> for perfect and easy
      to follow directions.
Images for Hardware Based Projects
Filename                         Author               Description                        Post Link
HFDCv14-floppy_only.BIN          Anthony Kneer        HFDC as floppy only                Message #1

Posted Image
28 or 32 pin - 128K addressable.
Space for two switches for four 128K "banks"
Uses: 2764, 27128, 27256, 27512, 27C010, 27C020 or 27C040
Black cartridge uses same chips as RED cartridge, which is available for downloading below. 
Posted Image
28pin - Hackable to 128K
Uses: 2764, 27128,27256 or 27512
Datasheets for GREEN cartridge available for downloading below.
Posted Image
Atmel 1284P - Used for GROM based software and extended features.
Also uses: 49F040 for 512K ROM 
Datasheets for BLUE cartridge available for downloading below. 
Posted Image
28 or 32 pin - Fully addressable to 512K
Uses: 2764, 27128, 27256, 27512, 27C010, 27C020, 27C040
Datasheets for RED cartridge available for downloading below. 
Posted Image
Up to 2M
Uses: 27C1100, 27C2100, 27C4100, M27C400,M27C800 AND M27C160
Datasheets for YELLOW cartridge available for downloading below.
1) This 'backup' will not be an exact replica of the pinned thread In another section of Atari Age
2) Some smaller 'single' images will be absent,
3)As time allows there will be links to datasheets and other technical documentation that don't fit into the confines of that threads stated purpose.
4) My intent that this will evolve into a series of 'linked' blog entries.
If you do not already have a burner, and think you may be interested in obtaining one,
please click on:  << THIS LINK >>

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backup - good idea :)

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Very good initiative. Well done. Keep it up. Thanks  --- Ω ---,.

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One suggestion for those starting out... the Rasmus 8N1 cartridge!




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I truly hope this format is not going to be neglected now that the newer SD card based cartridge has been released.  This device still has a few tricks up it's sleeve like the ability to run larger files and emulate GROM cartridges like Extended BASIC, but the future will tell.

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Rasmus did an incredible job of getting War Zone II by Quinton Tormanen into a cartridge!  

Rasmus is truly a wizard!

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